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Sensitivity training
  • No matter what method you use to get to the super O, I think the one key factor that is always the same is sensitivity of the perineum area.

    This is why the placement of the P-tab is so important to make sure you’re getting enough stimulation. But there are other ways of stimulating the perineum, there’s your fingers, vibrators, the prostate cradle, KSMO, slightest touch, and probably more. Some you can use before or with the aneros to help stimulate the area.

    You might think this is funny coming from the guy who loves to use vibrators, but once I get my perineum area tingling I can have MMO’s all day long without any devices just by concentrating on it.

    I think people are getting too hung up on technique; there is no one right way to use the aneros to get to the super O. Hell, I got there using the Hitachi magic wand.

    I'd love to here others thoughts on this.