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Help in keeping involuntary contractions going please
  • PersistantPersistant
    Posts: 4
    I have had my aneros MGX for a couple of months now and have managed to achieve fully body shaking after the first week. This was something else and the intensity of the movement of the MGX was ecstasy. However after that I was unable to replicate the involuntary contractions.

    A few weeks later and quite a bit of frustration, I have amended the way I approach my sessions and in a few minutes after insertion, I can now achieve the involuntary contractions but at a much less intensity. The problem now is that they only last a few seconds and are fairly weak. They are very pleasurable however.

    I must confess that I can concentrate on the pleasure felt by my prostate which start things off, but often loose concentration and therefore the involuntaries.

    I have read the forum to get some tips, but has anyone else got some good tips to help keep the involuntaries going?
  • Maybe your not a mover and shaker.
    Try focusing on building the feeling and not worry about involuntaries.

    I can reach supoer-O sometimes with very few involuntary contractions.