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How many people does this work for?
  • hoodleehoohoodleehoo
    Posts: 18
    I bought one just now and I'm waiting for it to arrive. Reading the site kind of is a downer because of how much it mentions "some users" reporting orgasms. So just exactly what is the percentage of people that it works for? Can everyone get a full body orgasm with it IF they do it right? Or does it just depend on the physiology of the individual?
  • rumelrumel
    Posts: 2,460
    Welcome to the journey 'hoodleehoo', I don't know if there are any statistics/percentages that have been compiled regarding various levels of experiences associated with Aneros usage. A survey by Aneros support personel might be an interesting bit of information, though I doubt it would really help you in any way. Would such knowledge materially affect your own personal growth and learning curve? Ask youself that even if you had heard that X?% of users achieved a Super-O after X? number of days use, or spent X? number of hours, how would this affect your approach, enthusiasm, determination, expectations toward learning something that is a totally unique personal experience?
    If you are already on a "downer" from reading material on this web site, I doubt statistics will be of much help. As many posts will tell you the Super-O can manifest in multiple 'flavors', with a full body orgasm just one flavor. As far as geting there, if you " it right", it is going to be up to YOU to find out what is "right" for YOU. The information contained in these forum posts is valuable in presenting tips, techniques and strategies in pursuit of the Super-O, but YOU are the one that will be re-wiring yourself to/for new sensual experiences.
    The process of successfully re-wiring yourself is much more dependent on your psychology than it is on your physiology. Your mind is absolutely critical to the process, your ability to focus upon and amplify very subtle physical sensations is very important. The instructions that you will receive with your new Aneros are only a rudimentary starting point for the learning journey upon which you are about to partake. You will need to be patient with yourself, keep reading and glean as much information as you can from this forum. I recommend that you first read the sticky "B's Keys to the Backdoor" by B.F. Mayfield, he really is the expert here, and all his posts have solid insight and info.
    As many others have said here, "Relax, and enjoy the journey"

    UPDATE : Well 'hoodleehoo' it looks like your going to get some of your answer due to the new forum Poll "HOW LONG BEFORE YOUR FIRST SUPER O?" initiated by B. Mayfield and the Aneros support group.