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Is it time for another model?
  • SkalifutSkalifut
    Posts: 4
    I have probably had the best session to date with the Aneros MGX. I decided to use Astroglide warming liquid instead of the traditional KY jelly. To my suprise, the warming liquid; working in synchronized fashion with the Aneros, generated wondrous sensations that I have never felt before. You know the quivering feeling you get when your muscles are fatigued? I had that same feeling throughout my legs and abdomen. This particular feeling came in five second spurts. There were times it felt like mini heartbeats in my legs. Then a warm tingling sensation covered my body for a brief period. I am still waiting to go over the edge, but alas nothing else happens. I wonder if it is time to purchase another model since I have more experience with the MGX?