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Help to the next step.
  • Ecstasy7Ecstasy7
    Posts: 1
    I been reading on this forum for awhile ive been using the aneros on and off for about a year and a half... i think there was a point i stopped using it for a good 4-5 months. But anyways If you scroll down Im pretty sure that is where i left off.

    milestones journy
    * first insertion
    * no p-tab discomfort when relaxed
    * no internal discomfort when relaxed
    * no p-tab discomfort when contracted
    * no internal discomfort when contracted
    * generally comfortable when inserted and relaxed
    * observation of slight good feelings
    * slight sense of leaking
    * slight sense of needing to pee (contact w/ prostate)
    * identifiable contact w/ prostate
    * doing a set of contractions comfortably
    * holding light sphincter contractions
    * integrating deep breathing
    * definite leaking produced by contracting
    * definite pleasure produced by contracting
    * definite feeling of contact on prostate
    * identification of sweet spot
    * pleasure at sweet spot
    * no longer believing that "this model doesn't fit me"
    * arousal amplification by vocalization, breathing, manual stim of secondary erogenous zones or held contractions.
    * observation of slight involuntary contractions
    * general pleasure throughout session
    * p-wave
    * successive p-waves
    * rock hard erection
    * twitching

    at this point my heart is pounding i do get involuntary contractions. All i have to do is hold a light/medium contraction and it feels like the Aneros is sort of going with the heart beat. But after about a minute or two the good feeling goes away, and i have to start over from square one. Can Somebody give me Advice to the next step ?
  • Edit
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    Oh yea there was a session where i kept the twitching going. i dont know how but i did. And all my mussles started to tighten. If i tighten one area alone it will start shaking. So i started tighten other mussles to stop the shaking and so on until i felt like i was flexing my entire body. I thought it was going to explode If i went on more another minute or 2 but then it stopped and i felt like i was back to square one.
  • B MayfieldB Mayfield
    Posts: 2,134

    One thing I might suggest, is that once you start to experience these good sensations and twitching, etc., try some cognitive disengagement (stop thinking about it and concentrating on MAKING your body do this or that). Instead let you mind focus on the sensation and let it drift into a mental image (or visualization) that supports that sensation. As I have mentioned so often, it's extremely rare that a newbie can summon up a Super O by following some precise recipe. To a certain extent there are moments where you have to allow your body to gravitate towards this on its own. Believe it or not our bodies know the way and more often than not, we consciously work against this. This after all is the road less traveled One way we do this by looking for an instant cause and effect. Sensation of this type can be on a longer scale sometimes with the effects occurring several seconds after the cause (as opposed to the milliseconds that are involved in penile stimulation). So it is important to be open to that.

    Another factor involves intensity. Very often sensations that are precursors of the Super O are subtle, and easily ignored. Look for the subtler sensations, and when you do find them, react to them in a subtle way. This can be done physically, with subtle contraction or by intensifying ones focus. It's amazing what working in a small way can produce. Be open to it!

    With respect to the Milestones that you listed here, and are seen elsewhere in the forum, these are most helpful when used as a reference...(.to give you some idea if you're in the ball park) rather than a set of goals.

    Keep you eye (mind's eye) on the sensation...even if you become actively involved in physically creating it, make THAT the background and try to stay focused on the sensation, rather than what you're doing to generate the sensation. This is the essence of the passive approach


    BF Mayfield