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Introduction, and an amazing Aneros-free experience!
  • Hi, Aneros forumgoers!

    I can't remember exactly how I stumbled across the Aneros website. I think it came after doing some human sexuality browsing through the relevant articles at wikipedia.

    I've experimented with anal play while masturbating before, and had grown pretty delighted with the sensations, and, moreover, the way it made me feel more feminine.

    I've always felt it unfortunate that the two sexes could only know about each other through second-hand information, and have fantasized before about what it would be like to be female. Not that I want a permanent sex change, mind you, but that I'm extremely curious about it, and aroused at the image and spirituality of it.

    When I read about the (at that time "purported") effects the Aneros could have on the person using it, I was hesitant. Skeptical, as others who've come here have been. I don't think I ever went so far as to believe that the posters here were shills, like some have and still do, but I had many many questions. It just didn't seem possible.

    Although I knew a bit about the prostate's power from previous experience. The first time I discovered it a few years back, I was rubbing deeply on my perineum in a circular motion. I kept feeling a warmness, and a slight tingling. I stroked myself while I did it (since a month ago, I haven't stroked myself at all), and the feeling of it was incredible. I recall tossing my head from side-to-side on my pillow, involuntarily breathing sharper and moaning, moaning loudly like a woman. When I came I thought the world had come to and end, it was very intense.

    But still, descriptions here seemed beyond possibility of being true.

    Nevertheless, after deeper reading of the forum, and careful considerations about the (ingenious) design of the product, I came to believe the potential enough to risk taking the leap with my wallet.

    Boy these things are expensive, I thought, looking at the catalogue.

    Boy am I glad I didn't let such a small thing stop me, I think now.

    I bought myself an Aneros Helix for a late Christmas present last year. It came quickly, and I started using it pretty soon. I was very anxious.

    The first five sessions or so were completely sensationless for me. Maybe it just takes a while for the hardwiring to occur, I don't know. It's also possible I was doing many things wrong.

    But eventually I experienced my first non-ejaculatory orgasm. I was hooked then, head-over-heels, no going back. I hadn't had a super-O yet (and still haven't), but these little non-ejaculatories were marvellous on their own, and only poured water on the passionate seed within me. I knew the potential firsthand, now, you see, and refused to quit.

    Meanwhile, it's been a journey of body and spirit. I think others here have explained it well enough, so I won't try to. But I do think it's more about simply being in the moment. Especially after continued usage.

    In an effort to reach the super-O, I started taking various bits of advice on the forum. From different positions, to different lubes, to using the Aneros while asleep (nothing so far), and... starting slightly over a month ago, not contracting at all, but simply lying there.

    Ah, that last one. Guess what? It is the one which has done the most for me so far. The anus does contract somewhat when you breathe, and perhaps I am a deep breather, because after I while the pleasure starts to increase, and yes, I do get involuntaries. I've experienced so many different sensations --no two sessions are identical, ever, it's great.

    About two weeks ago, I started experiencing sensations during the day. Sensations from within my pelvic region and anal regions... without the Helix within me. Little tinglings, and feelings of warmth. Occasional contractions, and flutterings. Sometimes I get these while riding in the truck to go to work, and I can't help but lean back against the seat and moan just a tiny bit (sadly, my co-workers wouldn't understand).

    I love that feeling! I love that there is so much energy within my body that it has to release itself during the day. As I type this, I'm feeling it again, little tensions, and a tightness in my gut.

    That brings me to the amazing experience I had, just last night. Morning, actually, but nevermind.

    I stopped using my hands to masturbate a while ago, as I mentioned. I haven't ejaculted (that I'm aware of) since. Thus, there has been no release for me, only a very long, very slow, very incremental session which has endured, with pauses (as I work, sleep, etc), for about a month.

    Anyway, I was talking to a girl I met online. We met in a massive-multiplayer realm. I play a girl there (it's liberating to fulfill my fantasy, you see), but eventually did tell her I was male. We started talking, and becoming intimate both RL and in-character. The Aneros has helped tremendously with my roleplaying, because, to me, the arousal it brings feels more feminine, more embracing, more patient, and deeper. Our sessions online are exquisite, even without the Aneros in. I can still feel wonderful things inside me.

    I told her this during an IM chat, and talked about the Aneros. One thing led to another, intimacy evolved, and I spoke to her about things I would like to do with her (I am attracted to the thought of pleasuring her because I am attracted to the mind and spirit which owns her body). I don't recall exactly what was said right now, although I have the log. The feelings I spoke of started building up. Just that day I had bought a lube injector, and used it for the first time. The difference was palpable, to say the least. I was too tired (from staying up late talking to her all week) to reach orgasm, but I could instantly tell the difference.

    Anyway, some of this must have stayed inside me up until that point hours later.

    I almost don't believe it's true even though I read about B Mayfield having a similar experience, but... I became so aroused by our exchange that I actually had an orgasm at one point, merely by talking erotically and passionately! No visual stimulation, no physical stimulation (either hand or Aneros)... just mental arousal. And my body couldn't stand it, and had to release! I felt a bolt of pleasure shoot through me like thunder, my back arched violently, my arms shot up into the air, and I moaned loudly. Lucky everyone else was asleep!

    I was floored when it happened. I didn't think such a thing was possible except for long-time students of Tantra. But I did it. I told her about it, and she was thrilled, to have given me such pleasure even without having to touch me. We went on to have an erotic fantasy exchange because she wanted to touch herself and come for me (which was a first for our relationship), and share that with me.

    Amazing. The Aneros has not only given me incredible pleasure --even without using it at the time-- but helped me connect intimately with someone 1000 miles away.

    I love this thing. If I could make love to it, I would. Alas, it has no nerves. Hehehe.

    I get giddy sometimes.

    I'm in love. :)

  • hlaser99hlaser99
    Posts: 785
    Hi PerennialQuestr!

    Good to meet you!

    I can relate to allot of your post! I have non-ejaculatory orgasms here in my computer chair and other places too, of course... I also have a long-distance lover, and She is very open to just about anything sexual! I have had IM and phone sex with both ejac and non-ejac with her! (Caution: Do Cover Your Keyboard!!!) LOL!

    As your re-wiring takes place, you will experience many new feelings and accomplishments sexually, that you could not do before! But remember after you are multi-orgasmic and re-wired, you can still have dry spells, where you think OMG have I lost it???

    Don't worry, you don't loose it, your body is just re-grouping and assimilating to the new feelings and experiences, so it can elevate to an even higher plateau of sexual experience! (an even better one!)

    Enjoy Your Journey!

    Later, Hlaser