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I should be happy but im frustrated- any advice?
  • convulsionsconvulsions
    Posts: 19
    My frustration is that I seem to be giving my girlfriend amazing orgasms, she claims they have been hands down THE BEST of anyone shes been with, and that she comes every time, if not multiple times. She could be lying, but with the way she seems to stop breathing and convulse, its leagues different than anyone else I've been with. maybe I just have that touch.

    Now I should be happy, but my orgasms are kinda crappy. I am honestly very jealous. Maybe this is psychological or physical or both, but hopefully its just psychological. I know Nietzsche said 'Hope in reality is the worst of all evils because it prolongs the torments of man.' but I am trying to put a lot of hope into the aneros because my sex life seems to be unfulfilling, and I would like to think if I keep a positive attitude and persevere, things will be beautiful. I have both the MGX and the helix, and fortunately I've been able to get the precursers to orgasms, generate some pleasurable sensations, and the like. Im trying to generate a list of things I can do to ensure that things will go my way, like:

    1) excercise regularly because this seems to help
    2) eat high fiber foods
    3) learn about meditation (any advice?)
    4) develop a stronger psyche and outlook on life

    Thats just what I have so far. I've just been frustrated recently, and the aneros has given me the precursers of a very strong orgasm but I wasn't able to control it for more than 5-10 seconds. It was worth it though. Hopefully, with time, I can master this part of my life.