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Progress/Some Thoughts & Advice
  • Ken50Ken50
    Posts: 24
    Hi all. I wanted to share some thoughts now that I have used the aneros for a bit more than 2 months now. I started with the Helix, then purchased the Progasm a few weeks later. Both are great fun but I have a definite preference for the Helix. I'm amazed at what I'm experiencing. I was lucky to start having Super-Orgasms after only a few weeks but I was not able to reliably get back to that space every time. That's OK. I still enjoyed myself. In the last few days, I have experienced multiple Super-O's for the very first time with the Helix. I never thought it possible but I actually had the most intense full body orgasms and drifted from one to another. Yesterday, I had 3-4 such experiences in an hour. I then finished by masturbating in the traditional way with the Helix in and ejaculated on like the 10th stroke shooting buckets of semen.

    The thing that strikes me as important is not to approach using the aneros with any goal in mind other than to open yourself up to a new kind of pleasure. Each time you use it, the only goal should be to pleasure yourself. A lot of people probably feel if they don't achieve the Super-O, that there is something wrong or missing. There are so many pleasant sensations to enjoy and embrace along the way, that you should never feel disappointed. Enjoying the Aneros is a process. Over time you start to allow more sensations in and the experience becomes broader, larger and more pleasurable. My advice to anyone trying the aneros is to just keep with it, enjoy all the pleasant sensations and have fun.
    Best regards,