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This is bogus
  • eddie528eddie528
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  • BlueStoneBlueStone
    Posts: 20
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    How 'bout this? I'm college educated, 47 years old, and have a job that requires business writing.

    I've been a steady, hopeful user of these things since August '02. I've had good feelings, and pleny of no-go sessions over the past 5 years, and just had my 1st super-o today.

    I had my 1st one today, of all things, standing up in the shower with my Progasm. The next 3 occurred inside of about 10 minutes, and left me shaking and sweating. After the shower, I put in my Classic, and had to walk across my house to get my cell phone, and had my next 2 simply from walking with it in.

    I put my Progasm back in, and had another 2 in the bathroom, still standing up in the bathroom. I was dripping with sweat and shaking when I was done. I've never had a reaction like this.

    2 hours later, I had my next 3 in the car, with no device, while driving, and had to find a parking lot to try to work with it. I bought into the KSMO thing about 6 months before getting my 1st Aneros. I thought it was totally NOT for me until I was in the car today doing it. I was making noise, panting, and shaking all over, and having full body muscle contractions bordering on convulsions.

    Check out my previous posts. They're sparse. I've had few 'breakthoughs' over the years. I write about fairly objective things except for my 1st 2 posts, talking about lack of results.

    I was never skeptical, just hopeful and discouraged, since I couldn't 'play along'. I've read this forum at least once a week since the 1st day it went up.

    I'm here to tell you this is real, it works, and it's profound. Read Darwin's posts. He's an articulate guy, and did a great job describing the feelings, and has put a ton of work into documenting milestones, and a glossary. Read Mayfield's and Pan's posts. I can't think of anyone in their right mind who would spend time writing about this kind of stuff, even for money, unless there was something significant to back it up. There are plenty of others, but these guys really put the time into it.

    I still need to get my arms around this. It's been a big day for me, and I want to try sessions in different positions. I'll write more later on, but like everyone says, it's totally worth the time. I've logged hundreds of hours with these things up my ass, and the final result was unbelievable.

    There's your bogus...
  • BusterBuster
    Posts: 953
    Hey BlueStone,

    Congratulations on your tremendous breakthrough! You now know what so many have been talking about. I have got to hand it to you for hanging with it for 5 years. Please do us a favor and let us know how the next month or so goes with your experimenting.

    Oh, and your writing should be commended too. You learnt wel.

  • hlaser99hlaser99
    Posts: 785
    Hello BlueStone,

    It's good to meet you!

    Your writing style is, indeed, easy on the head, as we used to say! I second Buster in asking for updates on your progress! Good stuff, isn't it???

    Wow, 5 years . . . either you have the patients of a saint, or maybe you were like most of us early on and received some nice P-waves to ride and other nice benefits along the way??? Please tell us about the time leading up to your first Super O's!

    I know I don't have to tell you to "keep up the good work" LOL!

    But, do keep us in the loupe . . .


    Later, Hlaser