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Do they ship any faster to Wyoming.
  • ginkerbaginkerba
    Posts: 3
    Has anyone had trouble getting shipments?
    I can't seem to get mine on time. I was thinking
    that it is because I am in such weird
    state. Actually because I am in Cody, Wyoming.
    The smallest, stupidest city.

    I told my friend about it, and he
    said there is no point in ordering it if
    it doesnt arrive? and that's right.
  • BusterBuster
    Posts: 953
    Hey ginkerba,

    If you are having problems with shipping, get in touch with customer service and they should be able to give you an 'estimated' ship date. There could be a number of reasons for the delay. They have always been helpful to me.

    Good luck with your new purchase.

  • HornsbyHornsby
    Posts: 16

    Well i was a little surprised when my helix hadn't arrived after a week (even though i'm a few thousand miles further away than Wyoming)so i made contact with the customer support folks and they informed me that it would take roughly 3 weeks to get to me ... and they were spot on. Two weeks later it turned up on my doorstep and i've had a permapressed smile ever since :-)

    So yep - contact the support folks and they'll put you on the right track.