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User Questions... seeking advice as well
  • Hi,

    I bought the Aneros in February of this year. The Sublime set (Eupho and Helix). I have been a strap on player/lover for the past 10 years, so I was super excited to begin playing with these toys. However I have not been able to get the results I expected or described on this site.

    Physically I am 6'5" and 200lbs.

    I get no real sensation from the Helix; and perhaps that might be due to its advanced nature.

    I have found that inserting the Eupho while standing upright after a long shower, 1 out of 2/3 times, I experience a tingling sensations when I clench. So I go through an exercise of clench and release, clench and release. It is a muted sensation but I can feel it and focus on it. (Also there are those 2 out of 3 times where I feel nothing at all).

    However, if I lay down on the bed and assume the recommended position by the product, even that sensation totally goes away. I have tried some of the stretching and movement recommended by some to no avail.

    Another issue is I can't seem to get the tab to hit my perenium. First off, I'm not exactly certain where mine is other then the geographical location because I don't seem to get much physical stimulation suggesting that I've found it. Secondly, the tab always seems to slide itself over to either one side or the other against my leg/butt cheeck meeting points. I called the folks at High Island Health and they said this tab and the area should be completely dry. However I probably do get some leakage.

    This may very well be a anatomical issue but if folks have experienced my issues previously and overcome then, I would greatly appreciate some feedback and advice.

    Thank you.
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    I've had an MGX for a couple of months and my experiences have been somewhat different from what people describe on the board, however, after I got the hang of how to make my Aneros work for me, it's been great.

    I am 6'4" at 200 lbs, myself.

    You mention getting some sensation out of repeated clench and release type of action. This is something I tried early on and even though I experienced some new, sometimes pleasant sensations this way, it never built up to anything great. For me, it is all about finding my sweet spot and keeping the Aneros there; any excessive movement will only spoil the mood.

    The position that works best for me is lying on my stomach with my ankles together, sometimes crossed. When I was first learning how to use the Aneros, I would do the breathing exercises -- inhale while slowly contracting muscles, exhale while slowly relacesing -- and it seemed to help me get in the right mood and focused on how things were feeling in there. These days I go straight to business which goes like this:

    I contract my muscles extremely slowly to move the Aneros in and focus on how it feels. When it touches my prostate in a way that feels great, I stop and hold it there. I imagine the tip of the Aneros massaging my prostate gently in little circles, without making a conscious effort to move it. Sometimes I imagine my prostate rubbing and throbbing and pulsating against the Aneros. Eventually the feelings I am getting start to fade and I move on to find a new sweet spot, either by contracting my muscles some more, or by relaxing them a little.

    The perineum tab doesn't seem to be touching me in any particularly interesting spot. Seems like even if I bent the tab as far as it goes, it might still not reach the area between my anus and penis that I know to be particularly sensitive. As a matter of fact, the perineum tab doesn't always touch me at all. Even after I cut off the handle of my MGX (for the purpose of making it more comfortable to wear lying on my back, sitting, or clothed), the P-tab is often just floating there. Whatever I am getting out of the MGX seems to be entirely due to what it does internally and has nothing to do with the P-tab.

    As far as leakage and P-tab misalignment goes, my Aneros stays more or less straight even without having a handle, and with the P-tab not making contact. I lubricate relatively conservatively. I initially got the impression the more lubrication, the better, but I tend to disagree now. I used to use a combination of a thick coat of Vaseline on the Aneros, and an insane amount of Astroglide applied rectally with a syringe, but that's just a lot of extra work and mess for nothing. These days I spread Vaseline on the Aneros with my index finger, plunge the finger in my anus to get it ready, and insert the Aneros, and I am shaking uncontrollably with pleasure within first couple of minutes, and climb to indescribable experiences from there without a fail. Maybe if you used a little less lube, your Aneros would be less likely to not stay straight, and its tab to stay dry.

    Another deviation from the norm, or what people generally describe here, I have is, I get no increased pre-cum. I do get pre-cum when I am sexually aroused for a while, but unlike what I've read on this board, the Aneros doesn't increase the amount of it at all -- almost on the contrary. However, when I ejaculate after or while using the Aneros, the volume I get then is clearly more than usual.