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curious but confident &??
  • I am thinking of getting the progasm next week. This will be my first aneros product. My reason for getting the progasm right away is because I already do anal/play with a plain & straight vibrator now which is about 1 1/4" wide & by just moveing it in & out I can get milking which I enjoy & like to see, being bisexual the only better feeling I have had in the past was to feel another guy inside of me, it excites my seeing my milking that after a few minutes I must take it to completion with masterbation. I feel very confident I will like the aneros & I feel ok getting the larger progasm after reading many posts on here. My confidence is also due to my already feeling my anus can give me much pleasure.

    My questions are, can anyone of you sit down or stand up & walk around a room with the aneros inside you & if so what keeps it from slipping out? I will appreciate any comments to my questions & I will of course post my likes or dislikes after I try the progasm. Thank you, Bob
  • robobirobobi
    Posts: 10
    Yeah you can walk around and sit. I actually find walking around the house really feels good the way it makes the aneros move around.

    It wont slip out. It stays in...its like a light suction keeps it in.