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Giggles,and laughing
  • kjskjs
    Posts: 3
    Hey, I have only had my aneros a week and have had great success with the super 0. The other night after about a two 1/2 three hour session. I felt such joy and pleasure I started to giggle as my body was beeing tossed and shaken around. it felt awsome. soon it was a full blow laghing it was so stange it couuld not stop for at leat 5 minutes. any one else have tis happen . Also I am becoming Sleep deprivation because I keep waking up craving more. I have only slept 12 hours out of the last 72. I may have to bury the aneros in the back yard althought i am not Exhausted or fatigued.
  • wrb1989wrb1989
    Posts: 8

  • hlaser99hlaser99
    Posts: 785
    Hey Guys,

    I tend to smile and can't stop!

    Or after a particularly amazing orgasmic event, I sometimes laugh, even to the point of belly-laughing!

    Mine seems to be a laugh of bliss and joy, or sometimes discovery of a new breakthrough???

    Keep laughing and enjoy your journey!

    Later, Hlaser