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Ordered the Aneros MGX the other night..
  • MrSmithMrSmith
    Posts: 1


    I did it, I order the Aneros MGX last night and I hope this thing works for me. I am not Gay but i am very interested in the male g-spot so i cant wait to give this a shot. I am married been tiring to get my wife to have anal sex, but I guess i am too big of something , she says I hurt her so its not all that great for her, tho on the off chance we do have it she has crazy orgasms so if it does that for her, I wanna try !

    I will post my finding here, I also ordered a cock sleeve, i guess you use to to masturbate or something was like 10 bucks so what the hell....

    Wonder with the Aneros MGX in me and when my wife gives head, wonder how its going to feel, gosh i cant wait!