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New user, some progress
  • Hi gang,

    Read about these devices a few weeks ago... can't even remember where, I think it was even a newspaper article! Anyway I had to give them a shot so I bought the Helix and Eupho.

    I have stuck a couple things in my ass before, you know, watermelons, pineapples, durrian fruit, etc, but nothing that really had much effect other than to intensify a traditional orgasm.

    I started with the Helix, didn't have much luck for the first two or three sessions other than I liked the feelings, and thought "this is interesting but I'm not leaving orbit anytime soon". Somewhat dissatisfied, I shelved it for a few weeks and was bored this past weekend and stuffed it back in.

    Wow, I had some nice times this week. I even busted out the Eupho and gave it a shot. Can't say as I'm advanced enough yet to notice a whole lot of difference other than the p-tab seemed to hit differently. But now with either model I am getting some pretty interesting things going on. Felt like I was close to a mini-O several times, but then I can't breathe or my muscles contract too far and all is lost.

    Trying to be patient and I will keep trying. All day today I have been feeling tingling in my prostate. Very interesting stuff, I have never felt anything like it. Looking forward to tonight's insertion!