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lubes, how much slippage do you need?
  • seung28seung28
    Posts: 3
    i have 2 kinds of lubes, 1 is a glycerin based lube which is very slippery and if i don't keep my ass muscles tightened the aneros just pops out. it also feels like i have to defecate a lot. from what i understand you want to have as much movement or slipperiness as possible?

    well i ordered millenium id which is silicone based and i have to use a lot more lube and even when i insert it, it doesen't move nearly as much, it's more like stuck in there. i can tighten my ass muscles and it will just tighten around the aneros it won't actually make the aneros slip in and out of my rectum. which is the right way? i have yet to experience anything with this toy.

  • Edit
    Posts: 0
    It isn't working for me either - I have the mgx - i think the claim of super -o may be exagerated, or only particular to certain people. It fills me up in a weird way- pokes me underneath and inside me (not massageing, more like, poking). It is hard plastic, with the mgx having a harder edge agaisnt the prostate.

    I don't think this thing works.