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Please give your thoughts on what stage this is...are these
  • XplorerXplorer
    Posts: 2
    I get to a point where my body (seemingly involuntarily) tenses up. This is mainly focused in my stomach and rectum. When lying on my back, it's like I'm doing a crunch... my stomach just contracts hard like I'm struggling to sit up. I also feel it in my rectum as a pushing out (during the real strong ones the Aneros will sometimes either pop out or extend out very far and then spin 90 degrees). I also feel this whole contration in my face as a straining, which sometimes makes my face turn red. I find it almost impossible to breathe while I'm in this involuntary contraction. It lets up, I breathe, and sometimes it will hit again immediately.

    It's almost like having dry heaves without the gagging/puking sensation... getting bent over and tensed up uncontrollably to where it feels like your eyes could pop out.

    Simple question... what is this? I've just been getting to this stage recently, and it feels quite good -- heart pounding, hard erection -- but I wouldn't call it an "orgasm"... but then again, maybe it is?? Maybe it's a dry orgasm?

  • BusterBuster
    Posts: 953
    Hi Xplorer,

    I think that I might be able to give you some input here. What you are feeling in your gut is very normal. I had that in the beginning part of my journey. I was having this convesation with a friend not long ago and I was reminded of it. There is quite a concentration of feelings that accumulate in the abdomen. I was able to get used to those sensations and after a bit more practice, it is almost as though your abdomen will then release those sensations to other areas of the body. I know that probably does not make sense, but it is really amazing when it happens.

    As far as the red face goes, that sounds like more of a breathing issue. I have had problems in the past where my best O's were actually when I was not breating at all. I would imagine that would cause quite the red face. I think for me, the more controlled breathing was helpful to my progress.

    Getting to this stage means that you are making progress. It doesnt sound as though it was a Super O based on your description, but when you do get there, you will look back on this stage and I think it will make more sense to you.

    Best of luck.