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Kegel aerobics
  • darwindarwin
    Posts: 1,335
    (this post was edited 2007-04-11 20:31:35)

    ok last night i had a kind of breakthrough that was one of many factors contributing to tonight's breakthrough.

    Last night i invented Kegel Aerobics.

    what are they? they are doing kegel exercises to a rhythm.

    not just any rhythm, mind you, but to a sexual rhythm.

    here is what you do:
    - find an erotic site that has video loops of some kind of sex act. (i like the Advanced Masturbation site where a guy demonstrates various excellent wack off techniques with a great sexual rhythm). but, to each his own. maybe you'll find a copulation loop, or what have you.

    - whatever you use, get into the rhythm, and do your kegels to that rhythm.

    - but don't just do them. really do them so that you are doing an internal massage at each squeezing stroke.

    - basically, this is an internal jack off (driven by large voluntary contractions as opposed to the usual small involuntary contractions that drive the aneros). if you have been doing your kegels or using the aneros w/ regularity, you should have the strength down there to go a long time, getting more and more aroused as the rhythm pushes you to massage more and more, leading to a dry orgasm.

    - the hardest part is to keep up the rhythm as you get closer to orgasm and your coordination starts to wobble.

    - an accelerating trick (courtesy of the honorable B Mayfield) is to hold a push out (aka 'bearing down'. see the Glossary) while you do it.

    you will find that there are all kinds of variations of the kegel: focused on your penis or your rectum, lower or higher, etc. each has its own sense of arousal.

    the double benefit of this is:
    - it feels great
    - it is a very fun way to do major PC muscle strengthening which carries over big time into your Aneros use. (its like cross training!)

  • OnthepathOnthepath
    Posts: 105

    Originally Posted By: darwin
    (this post was edited 2007-04-11 20:31:35)

    - but don't just do them. really do them so that you are doing an internal massage at each squeezing stroke.


    Hi Darwin,

    I'm a little confused. What exactly are you massaging? I'm assuming that you are not using the Aneros when you are doing these aerobics, correct? If so, then you are just flexing (exercising) the PC muscles. Doing that can certainly increase arousal, but I don't think you're actually massaging anything.

    Also, there was no other stimulation involved other than the video loop and the rhythmic contractions of the Kegels building arousal, correct?

    How long were you doing these aerobics?

    What type of orgasm did you experience? Was this an orgasm with ejaculation, a dry orgasm with involuntary contractions, pleasure waves, or something else?

    Sounds like a great way to do Kegels. You can exercise them and build arousal at the same time.

    Thanks for clarifying,

  • darwindarwin
    Posts: 1,335
    (this post was edited 2007-04-12 09:24:21)


    you're kind of massaging your prostate and whatever else is inside there.

    its just like the way you'd massage with the aneros in, but w/o the aneros. it is less pressure, but you are still able, with contractions alone, to make things in there feel good. that's what i meant by massaging

    i guess the only thing is: do kegels in a way that feels good, and then do more of that, rhythmically.

    no other stim besides the kegels and loop.

    the orgasm was a dry orgasm of medium intensity, but high fun because it was so different. things get better and better and then clamp down w/ an orgasm.

    the whole affair can be with trousers on.

    i was at it for about a half hour, kind of like a long wank session, but had a few orgasms instead of just one jac.

    have fun, and i'm looking forward to a report...

  • MyTurnMyTurn
    Posts: 434
    I've seen "bearing down" a few times (wiki, forum), but don't know what it means.
  • lynn2694lynn2694
    Posts: 96
    MyTurn said:

    I've seen "bearing down" a few times (wiki, forum), but don't know what it means.

    Bearing down is typically referred to as pushing when going #2. :wink: