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Helix p-tab positioning?
  • HornsbyHornsby
    Posts: 16
    Hi All,

    A quick question about positioning the Helix and the p-tab.

    Prior to the arrival of my Helix i discovered where my sweet spot was without too much trouble so i was aware of the amount of pressure that i felt was required to bring about the tingling sensations in various places as has been discussed at length in the forum. (The answer being not too much pressure required).

    However with the Helix in place, i don't feel that I'm yet able to feel that amount of pressure (or close to it). I've read of other newbies complaining that the p-tab was causing too much pressure on the perineum and therefore discomfort. My situation seems to be the reverse - i.e. i suspect I've not got enough pressure.

    Is this likely to be a newbie phenomenon whereby i just need to build up muscle capabilities in the sphincter and PC or is it more likely to be incorrect positioning in the first place? I've not been worrying too much about "positioning" as I've assumed that the helix would seat itself where it needed to be. Is this a fair assumption?

    I'm aware that even in a contracted muscle state, i can feel a gap of about 1cm between my anus and the t intersection of the helix. Is this to be expected or should i be expecting the helix to be completely drawn into the rectum with a medium to strong contraction?

    Enjoying the sensations thus far ... looking forward to lots more.

    Thanks for any comments/suggestions.
  • B MayfieldB Mayfield
    Posts: 2,140

    If I understand you correctly, the P-tab is contacting your perineum, your question is about the intensity of the pressure? If so, only time will tell if this is a matter of muscle tone or a need for adjustment. It really makes sense to wait a little before working on the massager. First, muscle tone may be the answer and second tuning your strength will be a plus even in the event that the tab requires adustment.

    I had one question in reading your comments, is the tab engaging the sweet spot that you discovered prior to receiving the Helix? If not, adjustment may be in your future. If so, once again just stay with it and see how things develop.

    BF Mayfield

    P.S. I assume that you are aware that the Helix is not designed to be inserted all the way down to the base? The last notch is thee for purposes of balance only. Inserting any farther will spring load the tab such that the unit is pushed out.
  • HornsbyHornsby
    Posts: 16
    Hello Mr Mayfield :-),

    I feel like i'm in esteemed company :-).

    In response to your further comments & questions, i hadn't been contemplating making adjustments to the Helix just yet - i figured i'd be much better off letting the muscle tone develop for a while and see how things were behaving in a month or so from now.

    You actually answered my original question courtesy of the comment in your P.S. ... i.e. i wasn't sure if the Helix was supposed to be embedded completely up to the T-junction of the handle or up to the last notch. Given your comments, i'm taking it that its sitting where its supposed to be for me.

    In response to your question about the sweet spot - the tab is in the right location (i.e. its sitting over where i would have marked the sweet spot with a pen if i'd followed your suggestions to the letter) but its not causing anything like the sensation i can generate manually (albeit with much more pressure). Hence my question about muscle tone etc.

    Perhaps i need to sign up for one of Darwin's Kegel aerobics classes :-)

    Any other suggestions most welcome.

  • hlaser99hlaser99
    Posts: 785
    Hi Hornsby!

    Just a quick tip...

    I was one of those that had a problem with irritation on my perineum with my Helix and Eupho P-tabs, until I saw a post about using an Eye and Ear "Medicine Dropper" soft rubber squeeze bulb, from any pharmacy! (just pull off the rubber part and slip it over the P-tab)

    Any way, I also learned in slipping the bulb over the tab I got a little better contact with the perineum, which I thought was actually needed anyway, compared to the Eupho! (an extra 1/8" or so, can actually make a difference!) I can feel the difference on the helix and before doing surgery on you Helix, I would at least try this???) Also the muscle flexes too!

    Just a thought and the price is right (pack of 2 for under $10)

    Later, Hlaser

    P.S. It is even better on my Eupho, especially on long drives!!!