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Help Please
  • I am 32 male and i have been sticking things up my rectum since i was too young to mention. I belive its the best feeling in the world far beyond what any porn star on a movie could do as far as animal screams. my record was at 26 i had 2 fists and the prep for that was a 3.5 inch wide eggplant.

    When i got into wide things i srarted expiriencing rectal prolapse forced through hard fast 4 inch penetrations with a 2.5 inch diameter dildo...using j-lube i have had sustained liquid orgasms lasting 3 to 5 minutes and my entire penis and protate would go numb from the pounding abuse it was taking but like a drug i can no longer get that high ...and now i have battered my rectum to the point where recently i have had some pain and lack of feeling in my penis when erect. I am wondering if i will repair my self with time or have i finally damamged the nerves?

    I want to say for the record ...the orgasms i had my GF and i laugh till this day because once she made me cry in a good way from punch fisting my rectum at what we counted to be 100 pumps per minute for over a half hour with small 60 second rests with liquid cum dripping constantly for the entire duration...we we both exhausted and amazed at how long i came and how many times ..she actually admits to being fully jelous she cant obtain the same pleasure.

  • Originally Posted By: Smalltown
    I am wondering if i will repair my self with time or have i finally damamged the nerves?

    You should be asking a doctor this. But from things I've read once you get stretched out that much its permanent damage.

    On the flip side, you could probably get the Hitachi magic wand up your ass available from the aneros online shop. That might be fun for you.