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My Progress
  • I just wanted to get my progress posted because I think I am making a breakthrough and I am excited. So I havent used my Aneros in a couple day's because my girlfriend wanted some "Us" time so I promised her that I wouldnt. So anyway's today I thought I would give it a try since I had time before I went out. I figured I would try the Eupho, poped it in it gave me some nice sensations but Im not sure I was ready for that today so I decided to try my SGX, well about 27 minutes in I started to get what I thought was invol contractions and my heart was pounding and I thought it was going to pop out of my chest, I was shaking too. Im not sure what I was feeling, my erection started to stand like the statue of liberty but, I could have been experiencing mini's but it's unlike anything I have felt before, I started to really enjoy these new feelings and what do you know the damn phone rang and I had to finish off by hand and it was explosive. Will the SGX deliver the results I was after for the super O or should I experiment more with the Eupho? I had thought about making a trip to the local sex shop and picking up the Helix. Any feed back on this experience would be appreciated. I know today I went into the session with the mind set if it happens it happens and if not there's alway's next time. I cant wait to experience the big one I can feel it's around the corner.

  • TripperTripper
    Posts: 250

    First of all, congratulations!! Sounds like you are well on the path to many types of "O"s including the big one.

    My own feeling is why argue with success? Your great session with the SGX says that it was hitting on all cylinders (perinium tab, prostate and alignment of both with the SGX).

    Try to also remember all the other ingredients you had in that session.....relaxation, prep, visualization, you might be able to repeat that experience and go further.

    Keep going with the own 2 cents.

    Have fun.

  • hlaser99hlaser99
    Posts: 785
    Hi AnerosUser!

    I agree 100% with Trip.

    Your methods and mind-set seem sound and you're on the verge of a break thru!

    I have a full stable, so choosing from an entire set of Aneros could be a problem, but I always just go with my first instinct???

    In other words, just go with the one your body craves the most at that moment... Your body knows what it needs!

    Have a great Journey!

    Later, Hlaser

    P.S. I either turn off my phone or let the machine pick it up, you can always call them back later...