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more trys, but thats all
  • I would say im somewhat experienced, but never had a super o. one time I felt like by body lit up and I was really electrified, and i've been trying to emulate the experience ever since. I was wondering if I should switch models...I am fairly short, maybe 5'8 1/2'' at most, and im using an MGX. I wonder if it has anything to do with my size, since I only get pleasurable sensations when I do the most minimal contractions. Any ideas/tips/encouragement?
  • I have tried 2 other brands before I bought the Helix, so I will say the shape matters. The helix fit me better than the others but it still wasn't perfect until I modified it to fit me.

    So the first thing I would suggest is experiment and find your sweet spot by moving the p-tab around or by using your fingers.

    I also find meditation helps me, tantric or KMSO.