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Newbie. Need a little bit of advice.
  • Hello. Just happened to find this site tonight while my girl was sleeping.

    First off i am 21 yo and my girlfriend is 24.

    She brought it up first. She had talked about licking my ass for about a week and i said sure. I thought it might be fun and i wanted to make her happy/experiment with her. She is a VERY sexual person. She loves to have sex.

    A few days ago she did it for the first time and it was nuts. It felt better than i could have imagined!

    She has talked about fingering me and i think i would love to try it. She plays with my butt traces her fingers near my asshole. Almost all i can think about in bed is her fingering me but it makes me feel embarrassed to ask.

    The main reason why is because the first person she did this with was bisexual and i don't want to think that i am. I think part of it is my own insecurities about sexual fetishes. If i have a fetish it is this.

    Any advice would be great. Thanks
  • wrb1989wrb1989
    Posts: 8

  • I was able to push my own BS to the side last night and i told her i wanted to continue to explore. The bad thing is that it was bad first time.

    I was on my hands and knees n the bed and i think it was the position and my nervousness that made it a little hard to relax. after a minute or two i relaxed a little and i think she got about one knuckle in and it was feeling great.

    I guess the downside of prostate stimulation is that it stimulates your prostate. every time it would pulse my ass would clamp down on her finger. It would hurt more and more to the point where i couldn't have her in me anymore. I think next time i will try what you said and lay on my back.

    Any other tips to get me to relax?

  • wrb1989wrb1989
    Posts: 8