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getting started
  • rookierookie
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    I recently purchased the volcano pack and used both models for about a dozen sessions. I have yet to experience a super o or a hands-free ejaculation.

    I've followed the online instructions and other suggestions in the Forum and Bee-Line with very limited success. I have yet to experience the involuntary contractions. Maybe I'm not holding the half contractions long enough. I know I am massaging my prostate because I do have pre-cum. At times, I feel tingling in my penis and the sensation that I am about to ejaculate, but no ejaculation. Is that common? Is that what I'm supposed to feel? Like being on the edge?

    One positive note - when I finally ejaculate the old fashion way, the volume is much more and it feels awesome.

    I would appreciate some help in getting to that next stage.
  • For some people it takes a long time.
    It took me 7 month for my first super O, and it was 2 weeks after I started KSMO.
    Also make sure the P-tab is hitting your perenium sweet spot, I ended up modifying mine to fit me better.

    But I'm sure you've read most of this already, so keep at it, it's worth the effort.
  • Edit
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    Where is the perineum sweet spot and how do you find it?
  • (this post was edited 2007-04-06 21:41:43)

    Originally Posted By: SweetSpot?
    Where is the perineum sweet spot and how do you find it?

    Read B. Mayfield's Sticky post "B's Keys to the Backdoor"
    He explaines it far better than I could.