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Waiting for something to happen...any advise please.
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    I just purchased the Helex and Euphro. I was waiting by the mailbox because of the anticipation. I have tried both. I have read and followed the directions. The first time while watching porn and masterbating, and nothing happened. The second time while wathing TV for a good hour, and nothing happened. Are most users of these "virgins" to Anal stimulation? Are there any suggestions on the best way to get the response so many of you are getting? Thanks.
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    I'd suggest turning off the TV and the porn. You need to relax and search for those very subtle sensations.
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    Learning to use the Aneros can take a long time.

    What I did was get a vibrating bullet and put it in the handle.
    This feels good and gives new users a taste of what you can expect, but it will be 10x better when you learn to use the Aneros by itself.

    The Aneros is only part of the equation, finding your perenium sweet spot, breathing, and mental concentration are IMHO just as important.