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My First Progasm Experience
  • Ken50Ken50
    Posts: 24
    (this post was edited 2007-04-04 12:44:51)

    Hey there. Well, my Progasm arrived this morning and I finished about an hour and a half session with it. This is a GREAT device. I must say I was a bit intimidated by its size at first. I have been a helix user for only a bit more than a month, so I'm hardly an aneros expert. I have come to enjoy the feeling of the helix being inserted so I was hopeful the Progasm would feel great going in. I used a lot of KY and layed down on my left side with my right leg bent toward my chest. I had to hold the Progasm against my anal opening with steady gentle pressure and mentally tell my anus to allow it in. Slowly, it slid in easily and, while I can't call the feeling of insertion pleasant, there was nothing unpleasant about it. Once inserted, I immediately noticed a MUCH fuller sensation than the one the helix produces. Despite this, the Progasm seemed to move about quite freely with my anal contractions. Within a few minutes, just the feeling of it being there was just sublime. It started to feel great even when I wasn't contracting so there were a lot of levels to enjoy it on. I had my first Super-O earlier this week with the helix and, of course, I wondered where this experience was going to go. After about 45 minutes of varying contractions and changing positions a bit, I became aware of some sensations that seemed to eminate from deep within the pelvis radiating outward everywhere, even to the finger tips. Then, while on my left side, I experienced a few waves of intense pleasure everywhere and it seemed as though this would build and result in orgasm but it subsided. I continued to relax and vary contractions and then experienced a mini Super-O that seemed to go about half way to where it could have. My whole body began to shake and fantastic sensations were pulsing through me for about 20 seconds or so and then they subsided. I really enjoyed this in a MAJOR way. I could have ended the session there but decided to relax and just hang out in bed for a while longer. I was enjoying the full feeling of the Progasm and I continued breathing and clearing my mind while I just allowed myself to enjoy any pleasant sensation. I began to really enjoy holding tight anal contractions for a long time while thrusting my pelvis as though I was having intercourse. I would hold for as long as I could, then release the contraction momentarily and squeeze tight again. This felt great and I just rode along doing it for a while. Suddenly, I got this incredible feeling again from deep within the pelvis. First my whole lower body started shaking uncontrollably and the waves of intense pleasure just ripped through me. Then, maybe 10-15 seconds into this, my upper body began shaking too. For a second I tried to stop my hands from shaking but I couldn't. My whole body spasmed with Orgasmic waves of pleasure and, just like the last time, I was moaning out loud sort of primal gutteral sounds. I couldn't stop this either. The Progasm felt as though it was deeper inside me somehow and it seemed more locked rather than moving around. The whole body shaking and orgasmic waves went on for a total of about 1 minute and I was nearly screaming at the very apex of this climax. When it ended, I was certain that I had ejaculated but I had not. The orgasm was a totally dry one. I thought about leaving the Progasm in and continuing the session to see if I could produce multiples but, to tell you the truth, I felt calm and completely satisfied so I decided to stop. Once I removed the Progasm and got cleaned up, the feeling of it being there has remained. It is now about 2 hours since I removed it and it feels kind of like it's still there. I must say that the fuller feeling of the Progasm is very nice and I am looking forward to a lot of future use. I didn't think such pleasure was possible until the other day with my helix. My Progasm experience today was every bit as intense and pleasurable. I'm having a great time with the aneros. Thanks for listening. Regards, Ken