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Question about hands free
  • jonsterjonster
    Posts: 8
    Well i have been enjoying my sessions as of late with my mgx, but I have gotten to a level where I do have question as something has changed.

    I usually start my session out on my side and have some incredible feelings, quickness of breath and great pleasure, but I seem to hit a plateau before any Super-o. I have had them in the past and after reading the forum, I have tried switching to the other side and then I have rolled onto my back. Once I roll onto my back things pick up again and I start climb and I can tell its hitting the prostate but then I cum hard and wet. this has happened five times and while I'm not complaining about the pleasure I haven't been able to go multiple times and my timing has been shortened to about 45 minutes from 2 hours. I have analzed and noted that as I roll on my back I have a tendancy to arch myback because of the pleasure and the handle is pushed via the bed. This then works the fulcrum and the head of the mgx hits the prostate sollid and pushes me to the point of no return. Incidentally the bed is a tempurpedic foam bed for those who are curious.

    I'm looking for suggestions as I really want to go back to where I was with just the dry orgasms and try to achieve the super-o there. I was intrigued by the one post of doing it "doggie-style" but that doesn't seem to do anyting for me. My sessions are aobt once a week. so any suggestions?