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what av waste of $86.00
  • KramerKramer
    Posts: 4
    I appreciate the feedback gentlemen. Cet, I'm neither gay nor bi, not that there's anything wrong with gay or bi men. In fact, I'm a happily married man with three children and get an upset stomache when I think about men sexually. I don't think this matters so I'll shut up about it now.

    I didn't mean to come on strongly or to sound like I'm downing Aneros or anything like that. I was kind of angry and a little drunk when I posted this topic, forgive me please. I think Aneros is an awesome device and I can see how it can be a mind blowing expierence for the "anal" beginner. I was just simply expressing my opinion that for the advanced anal players this device is not that good of a choice, that's all.

    As for Jan's post my reply is that I think I expirence a "SUPER-O" whenever I do the above stated process. Although I felt like a dirty pig, I've watched several videos of men having a SUPER-O with the Aneros and my orgasms are at least three times more intense than that little bit of dribble I've seen men produce in the videos. When my legs are shaking and my whole body is spinning after I do the above process, not to mention the extreme amount of "squirting" I do, it's a SUPER-O to me. Maybe I'm just being too close-minded on this Aneros thing.

    As for 8ball's post I want to thank you, I think I'll be ordering the Prantra. Thanks a million for that thread.

    Once again, I'm sorry if I came off as an asshole who was downing the Aneros. That wasn't my intention....KRAMER
  • darwindarwin
    Posts: 1,321

    yes, your first post was rude. this forum has 3000 members and 8000 posts almost all of which are polite and productive, even when critical. there is a ton of information here, and a ton of people supporting each other in the learning process which is the hallmark of aneros use.

    in this post, it seems as though you're still not getting it.

    first, those videos are not very good (somewhat disgusting in fact), don't show super-Os, and are surely not a basis by which to judge the aneros.

    second, we're talking about an hour or more (till you just can't take it) of continuous non-ejaculatory hands-free orgasms each one as powerful or more powerful than the single one you are having.

    third, the idea that the aneros is only for anal beginners, or that it is a palatable way to introduce tepid anal sex to straight men, is incorrect. when you have the experience of the aneros fucking you by itself i think you'll understand. what is the case is that the aneros often takes learning and training to get going with.

    fourth, your recipe for a strong ejaculatory orgasm is appreciated. it has the advantage that it will likely work at first or second try. it is straightforward to use one's hands for edging, and to rub the prostate for the final push over the edge. the aneros takes in many cases more training than that as you are teaching your body a whole new way to pleasure itself: masturbatory action driven involuntarily by your anal sphincter, not your hands. it is this phenomenon which brings men, novices and veterans alike, to this site to learn.

    finally, the pantra is a cheap, poorly made rip-off of the aneros by an ex-aneros employee who is being sued for patent infringement. there are threads on this forum about it. use the forum search function.

    there is a lot of material on this forum. check it out and see if you get a more informed understanding of the aneros.

  • Edit
    Posts: 0
    Thanks alot darwin for the intelligent and honest reply. I do plan on giving the Aneros a few more tries. When I posted that first message, I only tried the Aneros a couple of times, and like I stated, was just a lot of bit tipsy when I wrote it. What is the best "training" advice you can give me. I've got the patience part but what else can I do? From what a couple of people posted, I have no clue what a SUPER-O is and I really want to experience one. Although my process is tried, tested and true, not to mention extremely intense, I want to have the orgasm of my life so how in the bloody hell do I acheive one?
  • darwindarwin
    Posts: 1,321

    read BF Mayfield's sticky threads, and his Bee-line (and anything else he has written).

    what you're going to be doing is learning how to amplify arousal so that you get the autonomic contractions that drive the aneros. for some it is easy and immediate, for some it takes a journey (with very nice scenery along the way).

    start by inserting it and relaxing, as per the manufacturer's suggestions.

    since your prostate already knows how to receive and respond to stim, you should at least feel some pleasure (p-waves) from the device. relax and notice them. the goal is to grow them into a feedback loop that drives the device.

    one way to amplify them is to hold light contractions, as best described by BF Mayfield.

    another way that i'm starting to explore is see if you notice any, even the slightest, sensation of leaking pre-cum (even if none appears). if so, then relax and allow yourself to do more of that. gently feel what it feels like for your penis to be leaking a little more. you're not forcing it (that won't work), you're allowing it. if it works you might find yourself leaking and with other forms of growing arousal, possibly including more feeling coming from the aneros.

    at first the motion of the aneros is very very subtle. you won't know it is moving. but you'll feel good feelings. eventually the motions get big enough to be sure it is moving, and get bigger from there. in the end they can be big enough to be fucking you.

    anyway that's just a start. read the forum like crazy to take advantage of the accumulated info.

    good luck


    p.s., as a veteran you're definitely ready of the progasm, if you don't already have it. i hate to suggest throwing money at it, but, you'll be glad to have it