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Does a guy still want to be with a woman when he has an Aner
  • AngAng
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    My name is Ang, and a guy friend of mine sent me the aneros site. I have been with my boyfriend for over 6 years. I've slowly been getting him to open up sexually, because even though he's more experienced than I am (He's the only guy I've ever been with) I'm much more experimental. He recently allowed me to try to work with his prostate when I swore to him how much my guy friends raved about it. He loved it, but I have a hard time getting him to orgasm, because I'm really petite and have really small fingers. He wants me to try every time we're together, and I don't mind. He also asks what toys I know about for men, other than the standard cock ring etc. This is something I'm really excited about, but I wonder, if he can have these amazing orgasms on his own, will he still want me? I know I'm probably worrying for no real reason, my friend who pointed me here said that if anything, he wants to share the experience with his wife, but I was just wondering what other mens' thoughts were.
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    I've been married 20 years and been using the Aneros for almost a year.
    I would say it has helped our sex life, my wife is very open about sex and doesn't mind my using a prostate massager.
    Intercourse feels great with it in, or if my wife is busy or not interested I can practice with the Aneros. I have never turned down a chance for sex with my wife in favor of the aneros, although it can be quite addicting.
    The Prostate cradle is also an interesting toy to play with.
  • jonsterjonster
    Posts: 8
    Hi Ang,

    The short answer is this doesn't replace a woman but I think it enhances a relationship. Its nice to hear from an open minded woman. If you want further explainantion, read my post under "is this a gay thing"

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    Does a guy still want to be with a woman when he has an Aneros?
    I think that would depend on how good the women was.
    I rarely think about replacing my wife for the Aneros, which costs alot less.
    Sorry, that was my attempt at humor.

    I agree with the above posts, that it enhances a relationship.
  • I find the Aneros experience tends to be stronger if I don't ejaculate for a few days. So I have told my wife not tonight, I'm saving up for the aneros experience.
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    I find this question sort of interesting. It's okay for a woman to have lots of sex toys, vibrators and whatever else, and it's okay for her to enjoy her ability to experience multiple orgasms. I've seen enough of contemporary society to have been 'properly taught' that these are her birthrights. But now that men finally have a chance to enjoy what women have always enjoyed, you worry about being replaced? Feminists have been trying to replace men and cast them out as unnecessary for years. I don't mean to be unkind in saying that, it's just an observation.

    There is no way this device can ever replace my wife. It's just a dumb piece of plastic, or whatever it's made of, that happens to feel kind of good for a little while. It can't talk to me, like my wife can. I happen to enjoy listening to her sweet voice. It can't cook me supper, like she can. It can't do a whole bunch of things that she can, and it doggone sure cannot make love to me like she can. There is nothing that will ever replace the communion and closeness I feel with her, surely not this device.

    If some man replaces you with the aneros, then I don't think he's a 'man' in the first place. He's a boy. And he's not worthy of you. Period.
  • maevemaeve
    Posts: 2
    I bought my boyfriend an Aneros a couple of months ago, and it hasn't affected his desire for me in the least. If anything, it has increased it. He had never heard of Aneros, and I heard about it only by chance. I knew he enjoyed prostate massage, but we really never talked about it, and rarely did it, and he seemed to be a little uncomfortable with the fact that he did enjoy it.
    I personally don't understand why a man should be ashamed of enjoying anal stimulation, sex is supposed to feel good, anal stimulation does, and if you aren't hurting anyone why not? To make a long story short, I found this website, and without ever mentioning it to him I ordered him the Helix. When it arrived, he was a little defensive, but I told him he didn't have to keep it if he didn't want to, it just seemed like something he might enjoy, not to mention that it might be good for his health. After that I just dropped the subject and let him be.
    The health aspect seemed to get his attention, and he asked me later what I meant by that, and I directed him to the website to read what other guys had to say about the Aneros. After that I didn't hear anymore about it for a while, but I knew he was trying it out. At first he would never use it when I was around, but now, it is in the bedroom to stay. And, I think that the fact that I cared enough to actually seek out and find a "toy" for him, and that in doing so let him know that I have no hang-ups whatsover about how he finds pleasure has made us closer than ever. Our sex life is fantastic, though to be honest it wasn't bad to begin with! So, to all the women out there who worry about buying an Aneros for their hubby or BF, don't worry about it. No toy can replace a living, breathing, loving human being. Wanting your partner to be as happy as he possibly can be, and accepting ALL of his body and sexuality can only make him love and want you more.
  • Timmy™Timmy™
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    Nothing can replace cuddles.
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    Originally Posted By: Timmy™
    Nothing can replace cuddles.

    Totally agree with that.

    I've been single for 3 years now and im 25 years old. What's my problem?
    I'm probably the absolute shy guy. I think i'm very good looking and also am very respectful to all the woman i know.
    I've recently bought an Aneros myself to experiment. I started experimenting with anal stimulation with my last girlfriend but we never actually went on to toys because i needed alot of time to get used to the feeling and i just didnt felt it was right for me to make her wait forever with literally a finger up my ass if you know what i mean. So i figured now was the best time to experiment. After a couple of tries, i actually started feeling something different last time i used it.
    Of course in 3 years, i've masturbated frequently to simply relieve the pressure but i can't say i've ever got turned on doing it. Well last time i tried my Aneros, wow did i get turned on and i would have given up one of my arms to have a woman lying naked and willing beside me. I'll have to say those 3 years have started sucking a long time ago but the positive thing about them is that it gives you alot to think about. After 3-9 months, i was missing my sex life i felt like my head was going to explose.

    After 2 years, i finally realised that i wasnt missing sex at all anymore because i could almost literally take care of that aspect of my life myself. What i can't take care of is the gentle fingers of a woman in my hair, her hand lovingly caressing my chest or her lips massaging mine. Those things i realised i missed more than anything else and sadly at the same time realised those we're needs i couldnt myself satisfy.

    A couple years ago i probably could have said yes, it can but knowing what i know now, after i have learned more about what i truly need i definatly say no. So i guess it depends on ones own awareness about what needs the Aneros is really fulfilling and also their own awareness to the fact the last thing they want to be stuck kissing is an Aneros due to their girlfriend leaving out of abandon because after all...they fully well know where its been...