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  • cet March 2007
What av waste of $86.00
  • KramerKramer
    Posts: 4
    Wow, I can't believe I spent a total of eighty six bucks to get this rip- off piece of dung sent to me. I've been into anal masturbation for a few years now and this Aneros is a total joke. From what all these publications say I thought I would be in Heaven, but apparently I'm not. I get better results with a ten dollar dildo from the local porn shop. First of all, for us "advanced" (oh God how I fucking hate quotation marks) anal masturbators, IT'S WAY TOO SMALL! And I got the Maximus! I tried this thing EIGHT times and always have to resort to something bigger. Believe you me, I know plenty well how to bring myself to anal orgasm with ease, it's like second nature to me. This thing is a total scam if you ask me. Well, for us "looser" rectums. Why, oh why, can't they make a jumbo sized one? Like twice the size of the Maximus? Don't get me wrong here guys, this thing feels REALLY good but for us advanced anal masturbators it's simply not enough. To me, this Aneros Maximus is foreplay to me, nothing more. I wish I could've found Aneros when I first started anal play, but unfortunately I didn't. In the beginning of my anal play, this would've been a Godsend and it probably does work on tighter rectums really good, but for us looser assholes, forget it!

    So for all you advanced anal play masters out there, this is how I bring myself to totally mind shattering and "earth moving" orgasms:

    STEP 1:
    Begin by relaxing on your bed, couch, floor, wherever you're most
    comfortable. Start massaging your balls and penis, and press lightly
    on your outer prostate under your balls. Start playing with your ass with fingers or what have you and lube up efficently.

    STEP 2:
    When you feel your stretched out enough, it's time for the dildo, lube
    up your ass a little more and insert the dildo. Relax and let your ass
    open up a little, meanwhile massaging your balls and penis. Slowly
    begin sliding the dildo in and out while stroking your cock. If you're
    on your back, push the dildo up towards your belly button so it
    frequently rubs against your prostate. It helps if you prop your butt
    up on a few pillows. Keep thrusting the dildo in and out and up while
    stroking your cock. After a few minutes, stop stroking and massage you
    balls and the outer prostate between your nuts and anus.

    STEP 3:
    Keep repeating the thrusting/stroking/massaging process for a while
    (If you feel like you're going to cum, STOP for a few minutes). Take
    the dildo out of your ass and don't stroke your penis, massage your
    nuts and the outer prostate for a few minutes. You should be leaking pre-cum like crazy by now.

    STEP 4:
    After a few minutes of vigorous massaging, start stroking your cock
    until you're ready to bust a nut, BUT DON'T! Recover for a few seconds
    and stick the dildo back into your ass. Thrust it in and out, making
    sure its hitting your prostate with every thrust, and begin stroking until you're about to cum and STOP stroking! Keep thrusting the dildo in and out and you will start cumming without the aid of stroking! And boy, do I mean you'll cum like there's no tomorrow. Every time I do this, I can't believe how much cum comes out of me. And you won't either.

    Well, for us advanced anal players, that's how I achieve a mind blowing, "earth moving" prostate orgasm. Try this little technique out and let me know what you think of it. I welcome feedback so please post a message and let me know what you think. Thanks for reading, I hope I helped you out in achieving a way for a great orgasm and most of all, a healthy prostate milking.....KRAMER.

  • cetcet
    Posts: 32
    Different strokes for different folks ...

    I'm guessing your orientation leans towards gay or bi -- doesn't really matter, but keep in mind that most folks who are just starting to explore prostate massage aren't anal veterans such as yourself, and typically aren't into the "dildo experience".

    What the folks at HiH have produced is a very clever tool that is designed for the average male looking to explore prostate massage for health and enjoyment.

    Naturally, there will be some folks that fall outside of "average" for whatever the reason -- be it build, biometrics, or prior experiences with anal play.

    Suffice it to say, you know what works for you, and kudos to you for having your own way and even sharing your technique ... however, don't belittle the Aneros product line, just because you are beyond its "reach".

    I personally own a Helix, and while I feel that it just misses the mark to take me to a Super-O, I still enjoy using it and consider it a fine product that I'm proud to own. I'll continue using it and try to see if I can get further with it, but I hope to eventually get and try the Prograsm, as it sounds like it has the reach and girth that my build requires to move forward towards a Super-O.

    Given your "personal experience", you might wish to consider sticking with tools specifically designed for the highly-advanced anal veteran.
  • Edit
    Posts: 0
    Hey Kramer

    Great post, very interesting, but I'm very sorry.

    Your experience is NOT a SUPER_O, if you know what it is, or heard about . You are very far in men's sexuality, but the SUPER_O is much, very much further. I can't explain it to you because how could I explain a blind one what I see around? For instance a rainbow or my beutiful wife?