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  • 22fires22fires
    Posts: 27
    wow,wow,wow! this is the first aneros i have bought. I have used other toys before with no results. within 15 min I had a small orgasm. Thickness is the key here, I know it is. All I did was rub the bottom part that was near the opening of my anus and the shock waves started. I would toss your other ones and buy the big one. Any c2c out let me know, that would be hours worth of fun. I have never felt so good before. I love the thick stuff, will never go back, unless a bigger one is made.
  • Anal AceAnal Ace
    Posts: 1
    I to just got the Progasm and I just couldn't believe it. As soon as I got it in the waves of pleasure began and I couldn't hold back. My body started to shake and pre cum began to drip from my semi erect penis, I was on my back with my legs bent up at the knee, I was in pure pleasure. I love the fuller feeling it gives my anus, this is just what I needed I don't think that I could go back to useing my HELEX or MGX after this thing. Thank you so much for making a biger better anal device this is what I think most of us men have been waiting for.

    Anal Ace