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Not making progress? Try your nipples (even if that's
  • XplorerXplorer
    Posts: 2
    I got my MGX at least 6 months ago, maybe closer to a year ago (can't remember exactly when it was). I've always had fun with it, but I've never had a Super-O, and really only felt close to it one time before. I took another step closer to the super O last night, but still didn't make it.

    In my quest for the Super-O, I've tried a few different things I've read about. I've tried the soft palate nursing - didn't really do anything for me. I tried the hypnotic .mp3 thing - didn't do it for me. I've researched about breathing, and I've started trying to breathe correctly, but I find that very difficult when things heat up... Nothing has given me a breakthrough in a while.

    So what happened last night??? Well, I touched my nipples! What a surprise! This was a really desperate attempt for me - a big stretch, a longshot - because if you asked me before last night what was one of the LEAST errogenous zones on my body I would have told you my nipples. I never thought I had sensitive nipples, and I've never messed with them or felt that they could do anything for me sexually. I just never gave a crap about my nipples. In fact, if a woman messed with my nipples in bed I would tell her to leave 'em alone. But once I got things heated up a bit with the Aneros and I decided to see if I could find some pleasure there -- WOW. It must be an Aneros thing. I could touch my nipples and bring myself into strong involuntaries at will. I could let it subside, then mess with them again and I'd be right back at the brink again. Amazing! If you've exhausted a lot of options, I'd give your nipples a try.

    The involuntary contractions I felt last night were very strong. Somehow I'm going to have to figure out how to keep breathing I think. I got slammed with the contractions which curled me up into a ball, and the next thing I know I hadn't taken a breath in a while... In a strange way it was kind of like having dry heaves (but pleasant and not gaggy of course) in that my whole body would tense up hard with that feeling like your eyes could pop out of your head. It was intense and very nice. One problem was when I'd get the REALLY strong contractions, the Aneros would spin 90 degrees every time. Putting a hand down there to keep it from spinning seemed to throw me off.

    Was this the precursor to a Super-O? The contractions part was a lot stronger than I had ever experienced last night. The pounding heart was there, too. The only thing I had experienced once in the past that DIDN'T happen last night was the sudden sweating. The sudden sweating happened the last time I thought I was just about there. Anyway, it's all good!