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Pre-delivery exploration - advice requested?
  • HornsbyHornsby
    Posts: 16
    Hi All,

    I'm eagerly awaiting the arrival of my first Aneros and i've been reading this forum with great interest to get as much background and understanding as possible. (aiming to hit the ground running so to speak)

    In particular i've read about the various types of muscle groups that come into play with the Aneros and wanted to share my simple thoughts/findings/questions.

    I've not done a huge amount of anal play before so i have spent some time trying to isolate the various muscle types that will be useful/required. This was more an exercise in learning how to utilise each grouping as/when needed.

    I found that lying either on my side or back, placing a finger either directly over (or in) my anus, its relatively easy to work out when your sphincter is flexing. That i'm sure comes as go surprise for anyone. I was also then placing my finger(s) on my perineium with varying degrees of pressure and that allowed me to detect a second group of muscles at work. I believe i have relatively good PC muscle control and i'm assuming that this is the muscle group i was feeling in action with my fingers?

    I was finding it very hard to operate anal contractions without having the PC muscle group also come into play. Is this something that i need to practice more or are the 2 groups reasonably tightly coupled? Certainly i felt less PC muscle involvement when my anal contractions were only very mild but i could still feel some activity.

    So question #1 - what degree of muscle group separation is required and/or possible in order to make best use of the Aneros?

    If muscle group separation is a desirable capability, does anyone have any non-Aneros exercises or activities that they believe helps build up the desired level of muscle control and/or ability to isolate?

    Secondly, i've also read in various places about ways to find the "sweet spot" on the perineium. I've heard descriptions of an "indentation" between your anus and scrotum. I've not been able to identify any such indentation. Can anyone suggest ways in which they have located their own sweet spot?

    When i was using pressure with my fingers in this area, i certainly obtained sensations in the end of my penis that were reasonably pleasurable. It vaguely felt like the urge or urinate but i knew that was not going to happen. The more i relaxed into that feeling, the stronger it got. Does that sound like the sort of feeling you would expect to experience with pressure on the sweet spot?

    Any suggestions as to how best to prepare for the arrival of my Aneros would be greatly apprecaited.

  • darwindarwin
    Posts: 1,321
    the sweet spot is the place where a bunch of branches of the pudendal nerve come together (do a search on wikipedia to see a picture).

    you can recognize it by pressing around when you're hard. you'll feel a tingling in the head of your penis and also somewhat in your rectal/anal/prostate area.

    do a search for sweet spot to learn more about it.

    the feeling you have in your penis is probably it.