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bearing down rules!
  • darwindarwin
    Posts: 1,311
    man, the more i do this and the more i learn, the more i realize that i don't know much at all.

    not long ago i reported my first super-O which was definitely an overwhelming experience featuring the progasm basically fucking my brains out.

    i then had some correspondence with buster, and he told me he had been having orgasms which felt just like a very intense ejaculation, but weren't ejaculations.

    not surprisingly, soon after that i had a chair orgasm featuring just that feeling.

    my next progasm session, i had that feeling again, only more distinctly. i was standing up, and found myself in that cumming-standing-up posture, and orgasming but not cumming.

    i call this "internal jerking off." because it feels a lot like jerking off, but you're doing it internally, and of course it is dry so you can keep on doing them.

    today, i had something of a breakthrough which, for all i know, is old news to everybody else. i got the idea from gourdy's excellent post (see Hello Out There thread).

    i discovered that bearing down is awesome. for those unacquainted with the term, it is a kind of contraction like you're trying to push something out of your rectum, like when you're constipated.

    what i found is that if you can hold a mild anal contraction (plus perhaps an anterior kegel thrown in for good measure) while bearing down you (I) will quickly start accelerating in the direction of an internal jerk off. the hardest part is coordinating the bearing down with breathing.

    i did this w/o the aneros and it was awesome.

    it is totally fascinating, as gourdy describes, to be conscious of the different kinds of contractions:
    - anal sphincter (holding in a fart)
    - posterior kegel (squeesing the rectum)
    - anterior kegel (penis, as in stopping a urine stream)
    - bearing down (expelling a turd)

    they are like the different instruments in an awesome quartet.

    thanks buster and gourdy for pointing me in this direction, and of course B who undoubtedly knew this years ago.