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Seems like there is no hope......
  • ginkerbaginkerba
    Posts: 3
    I have tried the MGX more than a few times now, and
    every time was actually more painful than fulfilling.

    I know that you wanna know exactly how I go about
    this, so I will tell you. I lube the device and
    my anus enough (I think), and VERY slowly insert it.
    The insertion itself isn't too comfortable, so it
    takes me a very long time. After laying there for
    about 20 minutes of making sure that I "adjust",
    I try to do the "contractions". It just doesn't
    feel right. So I will lay there for longer
    and try to slowly move around a little.

    Nothing changes...

    So after about 50 minutes of wasted time I abort mission.

    Could it be that this just isn't for certain people??
    One thing that I have read is that different lubes are
    better for different people, is this true? Has anyone else
    not had NOTHING thing but pain from this? Any suggestions
    would be greatly appreciated, because
  • TripperTripper
    Posts: 250

    Such a sad thread title! And, how could it be true! By the way, the MGX is smaller than most good bowel I wonder if you feel the same pain during a non Aneros visit to the Men's Room? If so, a discussion with the family Doctor might be suggested.

    Or maybe it just takes getting used to....You just started and probably need to give it a little time. With the MGX, the perinium tab is a little "aggressive" compared to the other models so you might be sore from that. Is it pain or soreness you are feeling?

    To make it easier and to respond to one of your questions, there are many threads on lube suggestions. One of the popular ones is a triple lube of Astroglide internally with the Aneros given before insertion an initial vasoline layer followed by KY Jelly.

    Good luck........and I hope you enjoy your trip!