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Short Term Success, but what was it?
  • Hello All!
    So, I tried my Helix out yesterday for the first time after receiving it in very short order (nice job Aneros).

    After a warming up/relaxation period of a nice bath I hopped into bed on my back, feet on the bed, knees in the air and started contractions letting my body decide what to do. I tried really hard to just let it all happen.

    After a while I rolled onto my side, kind of twisted with my groin flat on the bed, and kept contracting. The next thing I know (after 5 minutes maybe?) I find myself humping and squirming like a mad man. Needless to say this built up appallingly and I blew my Wad all over the sheets because I had not had the sense to put a towel down. I'm not sure but it looked like the fluid that came out was clear.

    I removed the Helix and took a nap because I was exhausted.

    When I woke up I felt the urge to try again, so I did, and got the same results but much faster.

    Naturally I'm thrilled, but the question I have for you experienced users is "What happened"? Was this simply an enhanced way to masturbate, or was it a Prostate orgasm? The fact that I did 2 in a short space of time is very unusual as I'm 42 and could not do that with normal masturbation.

    Any thoughts?

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    Here's update number two. Since I last posted I tried my Helix while a "few sheets to the wind". Since the wife and kids are out of town lot's of beer is getting drunk here in the Midwest, USA. It was fun, lasted for hours, but was ultimately non productive.

    The day after a particularly good night of drinking and XBOX I decided to try my Helix again, tired, but at least mostly sober. I did a much better job of relaxing and after a nice warm up session on my back, knees in the air, feet flat, knees 12 inches apart, I moved to my side. I think my Butt checks are too "restrictive" for the device, because I did not get much action. So, ever inventing, I tried it "doggy style".

    Oh my. Going Doggy let me thrust and writhe and to tell the truth I think I was directing the Helix against my prostate like I was having sex with the wife. I have no idea what contractions were happening - all I know is that my whole bed was smacking the wall and I was out of it. I had three run ups (individual thrusting sessions, with rest breaks) and then I totally blew my wad (seemed like gallons). This was a totally hands free ejaculation and was driven by my prostate stimulation using the Helix. The only bummer was the damn dog (Westie) which hopped on the bed to investigate all the noise. I shooed her off but it was a bit of a mood breaker. I must have laid there for 30 minutes to recover and for the last 3 days have not felt the desire to masturbate or use the Helix at all. This is very unusual for me. I'm totally drained.

    So I have answered some of thoughts from above, but clearly my approach is not going to yield a Super O, more of a "I'm going to bone the living sh*t out of my prostate" approach, I guess.

    I'm sure I need to keep working on this but I already see a problem when the wife and kids get home from Spring Break. There's no way I can hide this type of orgasm..... Getting the wife onboard is not going to be easy. For those of you who watched the "squirting orgasm video" from tripper- my wife will take months of massage to get to the point she feels good about herself.

    I hope this gives some of you hope about hands free ejaculation at least :-)