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New guy looking for comments/suggestions
  • MalcolmMalcolm
    Posts: 1
    Hi all,

    I've been lurking on the forum for a little while, trying to absorb as much as I can, and I figured it'd be a good time to introduce myself. I've been seeing some really encouraging things on the site, and I thought I'd share where I'm at and see if anyone had any comments or suggestions.

    I've been interested in the aneros for quite some time now, and just purchased the MGX/Helix combo a few weeks ago. I tried out both devices a few times, and for me, the Helix really feels like the way to go. It feels much more comfortable right from the start, and I can work up some amazing sensations which I can't even seem to approach with the MGX. So at least for now I think I'll stick to the Helix.

    My sessions usually start with a light enema to clean everything out. I relax a bit, maybe set an erotic video going to get me in the mood (although I'm generally pretty excited with anticipation by this point already), and insert the Helix. Until my last session, I had just been generously lubing the Helix before insertion, but most recently I tried putting a few ml of lube in before the Helix and it felt great! I didn't think the difference would be that noticeable but it certainly was.

    As for my position, I've had the most luck with one that I haven't seen mentioned on the forums anywhere. I might spend my initial relaxation time simply laying on my side or on my back, but when it comes down to business, I like to essentially lay down on my back, tilted a bit to my left. I keep my left leg bent to where the foot meets my right knee, and have my right leg lowered off my bed and supported by a chair or ottoman. I've tried most of the other commonly mentioned positions with little or no avail. I'm curious: has anyone else has tried anything like this, or can anyone recommend something better along these lines?

    As for my sessions, I'm always sure that I don't have any distractions first and foremost. If I decided on porn, I'll usually have it going for a few minutes into when I start working with the aneros. after that I generally just turn off the tv/monitor and leave everything dark. I start out with gentle contractions and like this the involuntaries usually start very quickly. The first few times I did this, it was all very pleasant, but I didn't have much direction with it. Then one session, I reached the point where whole body started shaking heavily as a result of the involuntaries. It almost felt orgasmic, but there was an obvious feeling that there was something much greater just beyond. Well over the next few sessions I got to the point where I could reach this state several times for lengths between one and several minutes. Since I reached this point, every night has ended in physical and mental exhaustion. The muscles can't move, and my mind is too much of a mess to press on.

    I guess this is the point where my real barrier to the Super-O seems to lie. I know I need to relax and just enjoy it as it comes without expectation, but it seems like it's the anticipation that keeps me focused in and keeps things moving along. But at the same time, I find myself in such an ecstatic and let it take over, but then I lose focus and things begin to subside. But it also feels like when I stay zeroed in on the sensations, they can be lessened by the sort of overuse of my brain. Please excuse me if the mental part isn't described very precisely; so much just starts happening at once at that point that it can all be a bit much, and words don't quite describe what's going on. I do know that the desire to reach that Super-O is a major motivator at that point, and it's really hard to get in the mindset to simply "let it happen".

    The whole thing is really hard to get my brain around, but I am determined, and I am making progress. It still is all very new and exciting to me, and has been lots of fun exploring so far. Right now I'm forcing myself to take a little break to recharge. Every night I want to go right back the aneros and try some, but I'm also learning that without some good breaks in between, I'll be setting myself back even more.

    Well, sorry to unload an essay on you all, but it felt good to collect my thoughts on everything so far and attempt to organize it all in some fashion. I'd love to hear anything anyone has to say on the subject. Ideally any pointers to help me along, but any response is more than welcome. Thanks a bunch!

  • BusterBuster
    Posts: 953
    Hi Malcom,

    Welcome to the Forum. This is a good essay on what has been happening, I would post it into a blog for yourself that you can go back to and add comments to and easily be able to track your progress.

    It sounds as though you have everything where it needs to be for this process. Stick with the stuff that seems to be moving you forward and try to realize that the Super O WILL happen when it is supposed to. It is almost as though you need to be ready for it.

    Continued success,