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my orgasm chair
  • darwindarwin
    Posts: 1,312
    (this post was edited 2007-03-21 09:11:06)

    we aneros users eventually discover that, having trained on the aneros, we can have plentiful dry-Os without the aneros.

    indeed, we can enter the O-zone, where we have chain reaction Os, pretty much at will.

    my most trusty place to do this is my "orgasm chair." pretty much at this point, all i have to do is recline in it and i'm off and running.

    mine is a truly excellent and inexpensive tube and mesh outdoor recliner made by LaFuma that is great for reading, relaxing and especially O-zoning.

    it has a "zero gravity" position (like what your body does in zero gravity). and, it has a bar at the foot i can hook my feet into for support when things get intense.

    search for LaFuma Recliner. i bought mine at Relax-the-Back. (they cleverly equip it with an extra head rest to use a lumbar support. i strongly recommend that).

    here it is at amazon:

  • Edit
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    That thing looks just like what I need. Put a pillow at the bottom where your Aneros is to slightly increase the pressure on the P-tab and you're off and running when using the Aneros. If you're without an Aneros down there, I think you wont need that pillow ;)

    Anyways good idea to buy this chair, even tho the price is kinda steep.