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what happened???
  • chetyrechetyre
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    I've been lurking on here for a long time and finally decided to post. Thanks to everyone who posts here, because reading about your experiences has made this whole discovery process a lot easier to understand.

    Ok, so the other night I smoked some weed for the first time in a year and a half. I don't like drugs, but I think that something natural once in an extremely long while is an ok experience.

    Then I went upstairs and slipped the Aneros in, using Astroglide (by the way, is there a better lube for this?). I was pulling down on the skin of my penis from the base, because just the tightness felt really really good. I was having involuntary contractions, which is weird, because I can never seem to get them to work when in a normal state (maybe not taking enough time to relaxe?) Anyways, I ended up having an orgasm just by holding the skin firmly, and it lasted for something like 30 seconds. I don't know about you, but my normal orgasms last about 5-10 seconds.

    Another strange thing is that half way through the 30 seconds, I felt like I had a second orgasm. I think I made the mistake I've read about on here; instead of 'riding the wave' so to speak, I must have tensed up or something and that's why it ended. It was a lot of fun, and I was honestly starting to give up on the project. Now I really want to accomplish this again.. but without the weed this time.

    What do you guys think?

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    Try doing it while you're drunk. Maybe that'll relax you more than the weed. I used to smoke A LOT of weed but quit because I wanted a good job and got really sick of smoking it, not to mention what a total waste of money. I've been doing this anal orgasm stuff for a few years and I thought the weed helped in the process but it has nothing to do with it. I can achieve prostate orgasms at will, whether I'm sober or not, with Aneros or not (a regular dildo works good). It all has to do with relaxing so if you can't relax sober, try a few drinks first. I know a few shots of Jagger relaxes me pretty good, it probably would you too. What the hell, mine as well try it.
  • chetyrechetyre
    Posts: 2
    Thanks for the advice.. I will try that. I find it hard to really relaxe though and still get the contractions going... or if I just lay there doing nothing for too long I fall asleep.. one night I came home from the bar and put it in, and woke up the next day and it was still in there. :S
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    Well this is just a guess of course but figured i might take a shot at a theory, who knows.
    It's been stated over and over that one of the #1 factor when using the Aneros was to be relaxed and weed probably did just that, making you skip the 20-30 minutes of relaxation required.
    Of course, no one can go and suggest you smoke a blunt everytime you want to use the Aneros because one, it does get expensive. Two, not only does weed relaxes you but it also numbs you to a certain degree making it harder to be really aware of different feelings you might experience thus maybe why it stopped at 30 seconds and three, well its not really the healthiest thing ever :)
    As far as finding a "replacement", some people are very sensitive to natural products and react pretty well to them so you could look around the drugstore for relaxing natural products, i used to take some myself but i was one of those they actually affected too much but then again, im really lightweight and it was a mix of pretty much every relaxing plant extract possible and it was an under the tongue drop thing which are very effective but does taste like crap sadly so if you cant handle bad go for the little caplets. Before taking any natural products, please do consult a doctor if you are taking ANY kind of medication as some natural products do diminish some medications efficiency.

    As another solution if you either do not feel 100% comfortable taking natural products, you can try essential oil. I know i'm probably gonna start to sound like a hippie but aromatherapy does work. In most shop selling those oils (most natural product shops and such) you can easily find some little trinket (which i really can't remember the name) where you put a candle under a little dish filled with some water and a couple drops of essential oil. The heat vaporises the water and the oil and scent sticks to the water particules. Lavender is the main oil used for relaxation but i am quite sure theres more than one but i just can't remember all the names my ex girlfriend used to talk to me about (she took professional massage classes).

    Also taking a warm bath with a couple of drops of lavender could also help.

    Anyways, you can always ask someone at your local natural product shop about the best mixes to use depending on which of these 3-4 suggestions i've written, they're supposed to know their trade ;)

    Hope it helps :)