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Questions about automatic contractions, introduction
  • Hi everyone!

    Well I am probably a moderate to novice user. I am 21, 5'8", and currently using an MGX. I purchased the MGX because I wanted to increase my orgasm potential. So far I have had some pleasant results, but I am not quite at the super-o stage in my opinion but I can feel myself getting closer with each session. I wasnt experienced with anal play at all before the aneros so I am looking to explore.

    Today I had my 6th or 7th session with the MGX(lost exact count). I woke up, worked out for an hour, had a BM, cleaned up my nether regions with an enema, and went to play. I coated with a copious amount of vaseline and inserted. I also put a little towel underneath the atunement tab- this seems to help absorb lubrication that seeps up onto my perineum and keeps me from getting constant pressure there. This technique (folding up a paper towel, tieing it around the tab in a circle) has helped my progress.

    anyway, I try to start off by laying on my side and doing the smallest contraction I can possible do. This usually quickly gives me a pleasant sensation like im being covered with warmth and my eyes usually roll back in my head a bit. I can feel my perineum being pressured after a while and it feels really good, but I can never seem to get contractions to be non-thought induced inside me. any tips on how to induce them automatically?

    trying to convulse...
  • darwindarwin
    Posts: 1,356
    you're on track. given the response you're getting, i'd say the best thing you can do is throw some patience at it. think about and enjoy what you are experiencing, and don't think about what you wish you were experiencing. your body will find the way if you encourage it by relaxing and enjoying.

    one thing to try: breath deep into your belly, and keep the breathing going even as your arousal builds. your reflex is to breath shallow in your chest or hold your breath, like we do to put ourselves over into regular orgasm. but here, you will build your arousal by keeping the belly breathing going. you'll find that your inhale gets jerky like you are sobbing

    but don't over think it. you're getting a good response so far.


  • Well, I am thinking part of it has to do with my body(duh!). I am around 5'7" to 5'8" (as tall as my girlfriend at least!). I am thinking I will give another model a try...perhaps the helix? I've had moderate success with the MGX so I think moving down to the SGX might not work as well. I have noticed that I get the MOST pleasant sensations (orgasm-like ones) when I contract just a very small bit. When I do harder contractions than the absolute minimum, it doesnt seem to be as orgasm-inducing or pleasurable. Do you think this has to do with how it is hitting my prostate? Thats the reason I was thinking I perhaps should have ordered an SGX instead...but oh well! Im having fun much so that sometimes I prefer it to traditional sex. Maybe it could be a supplement rather than a substitute. Anyway, those are my random thoughts. Thanks darwin- any other thoughts would be appreciated!
  • darwindarwin
    Posts: 1,356
    everybody, when they get a little stuck, starts looking to things like changing models.

    the truth is, your body is undergoing a pretty complex training task.

    changing models isn't necessarily going to make much difference.

    it just takes time, sometimes.

  • B MayfieldB Mayfield
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    (this post was edited 2007-03-18 16:19:23)


    I agree with Darwin, I think that you need to spend more time with the unit that you have before you go adding another one to the mix. Really you're just starting with all of this. Although there are some users who hit this first thing, right off the bat or in the first handful of sessions, it is far more common for this to take a series of months to develop. Remember, you are learning a new way of producing sensation...for purposes of these sessions you have to discard (or at least ignore) the old paradigm. In the "traditional/penile" model....results are instantaneous and the methods are straighforward (rub here make myself come..). The Super O is quite different in both respects.

    In regards to producing more results from lower level contractions, this is a good thing...not a bad one. Frankly, it's something that I've commented on for years. The Super O begins with very subtle waves of sensation, and these waves can be influenced by subtle contractions. Give this patient, let things reveal themselves to you. In the meantime, check out my sticky thread above....B's BEST OF BEELINE..the first post is entitled Arousal and Generating Sensation with the Aneros, I think you'll find it helpful.

    BF Mayfield