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New user's good experiences...and mishaps!
  • So I just finished my 4th session or so with the aneros MGX. The first three times using it, I was mildly disapointed. I could feel some good feelings, but after a while I would just give up. There would be a slight ache in my rear or something just wouldnt feel right, and perhaps this is because I am not well skilled as of yet.

    Today was different- I experienced some orgasms! What I did differently this time was lay on my back- I usually would lay on my side with one of my legs drawn up. This time I laid on my back and ever so slightly lifted my bottom a little higher like I was pulling in my abdomen. It made a huge difference. I felt as if my head would flood with euphoria and spill over, it was much like a dreamstate. I couldnt tell how long they would last since I obviously wasnt bored, but I would guess under a minute but longer than 15 seconds, but luckily it was a repeatable process. While I was doing this I noticed a lot of precum leaking out of my penis, which was fine. Unfortunately I couldnt control orgasms- its starting or stopping, so I just went with whatever happened. I really wish I could consistently get this feeling because it was amazing! In a lot of ways I find it superior to traditional penile orgasm because it is just so different and...dreamy!

    On the bad side, when I took out the aneros a lot of fecal matter and lube spilled out and I have to use the bathroom (diarrhea) for 5-10 minutes after it. It was definitely worth it, but I was wondering if anyone had any tips to avoid this and enhance the experience?

    My only concern is that I havent been cleaning my anal canal before use, just applying lube. I use astroglide, which works fine. I think that not using an enema or rectal syringe is hindering my progress since there might be things in there conflicting with the aneros' design to perfectly stimulate me. My thinking is that it will greatly improve my experience since nothing (or at least less fecal matter) will be in the way. My plan is to use a rectal syringe to clean, and try vaseline. Any thoughts on this?