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Slightest Touch - yes!
  • darwindarwin
    Posts: 1,312
    this is a quick report on Slightest Touch (

    I used it last night trying the lower back pad position (having only used the back of the knees previously).

    woah! i immediately felt warm good tingles in my rear door and perineum.

    i baked for about an hour, and then went into the O-zone (holy shit, that's an excellent new term!).

    i found myself "hugging" a pillow with my legs so it put pillow pressure on my balls, perineum and anus.

    i had the purest most eclipsing O of my life. It was focused on the pillow rubbing my balls.

    after a couple of hours i thought i would add in the aneros, and i plugged in the progasm. it was a very nice change, but i think i had already reached my peak.

    to relate this to aneros use: i recommend the ST as an excellent adjunct to the aneros, particularly for those of you who are stuck short of the big O.

    of course, credit to B for turning this forum on to the ST, for discovering the pad placements and for writing the user guide.


  • darwindarwin
    Posts: 1,312
    by the way, B, can you help me (us) understand how that lower back pad position works?

    i thought i understood the leg positions, as the crotch is on the path from one leg to another. but, i don't understand the lower back position.

    perhaps the idea is that the electrical signal is not conducted from one pad to another except through nerves, and the pudendal nerve is the only one local to those spots???