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My Second Try
  • Ken50Ken50
    Posts: 24
    Hey there. I posted yesterday after my first time using the Aneros Helix. I had a lot of fun with it. Today I tried again and had a great time for over an hour but as long as I kept it hands free, I never felt anything close to an orgasm. A few times I felt a few waves of great pleasure but I always felt my contractions were deliberate. I want badly to experience the involuntary stuff many of you write about. I finally resorted to traditional masturbation while the aneros was still in. This is a greatly hightened sensation and the orgasm and ejaculation is powerful this way. I was able to come 3 times in a half hour this way. The second time was sort of hands free. I stopped stroking my penis just before I felt like was going to shoot. At that moment, I intensified the anal contractions around the Aneros and I shot my load hands free. Still though, this felt like a traditional orgasm with ejaculation and it was great fun but I want to see if I can get to that place you all seem to go. Buster was nice enough to reply to my first post. He mentioned edging. What is that? I'm still so new at this. Regards, Ken
  • JhbguyJhbguy
    Posts: 7

    Hi Ken.

    Edging is basically starting out with traditional masturbation, but then stopping everything an instant before the point of no return. It takes an awful amount of will power, but the longer you can do this, when you do finally decide to go all the way, the climax is incredibly intense. For me, the most intense orgasms are achieved if I edge for an entire day. This involves, sometimes, up to 20 - 25 edges, with a good amount of time in between to relax and calm down. Maybe do something to take your mind off things for about 15 - 45 minutes, and then start again. It really is great to take the tedium out of a mundane thing you might have to do over a week end, for example. When I eventually do decide to go all the way, I take a really nice hot shower. Maybe edging once or twice in the shower, settling down really relaxed in front of the TV with my favourite movie, or just getting myself all geared up in bed before I decide to go to sleep. Make sure you have plenty of tissue paper available in either event. A nice alternative to tissue paper for me, is to wear a condom for the final session, well lubed on the inside. And, if done with an Aneros, man, it is mind blowing. The Aneros can be inserted at any time at all, depending on your own preferences. A really interesting thing to try is to use a ribbed condom inside-out.
  • Edit
    Posts: 0
    Wow, all day "edging"? How do you do it man? I would lose it by edge number 10! I can imagine how intense, and mind-blowing it would feel though to finally release. . .I would not mind trying it. . .