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Is the Progasm for Everybody?
    Posts: 22
    I have been using the Helix now for about 2 months and have really enjoyed the new sensations. I also got one of MGX models to change things up occasionally. I have not experienced any thing like the Super O but I really have no complaints about my experiece so far.

    Would the Progasm be too aggressive for someone in my shoes who is really new to this type of stimulation? I realize everybody is different and may respond in different ways. My biggest concern after seeing the new design was Oh my God that thing is HUGE!!!!

    My question is aimed at the more experienced users. Would you give the other models more time or would it be ok to add the Progasm? Will using the Progasm make the much smaller models less effective?

    That thing sure looks tempting I just don't want to get in over my head.

  • hlaser99hlaser99
    Posts: 785

    Hi NEW GUY!

    As you may have read in my revue on the Progasm in: "ANEROS THE NEXT GEN & PROGASM REVIEWED", I use the Helix or the MGX to warm up for the Progasm! (kind of stretch things out and as a very enjoyable pre-lube...)

    What I may not have mentioned is, after using the Progasm for a nice session, I usually switch back again to the Helix, for instance, to see the huge difference in the feelings and of the mobility changes, after using that "Big Boy"!!!

    The helix still feels great and is ALL over the place 360 degrees! The movement is VERY exciting!!!

    This said, I would recommend that anyone should add the Progasm to their stable, but go slow in the beginning, unless you are an Anal Veterin???

    Have Fun!!!

    Later, Hlaser