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  • cet March 2007
clean up?
  • #1tango#1tango
    Posts: 1
    I just ordered the progasm this evening and I am very excited about the potential of this product (so is my wife!). I could not help to notice that "clean up" was mentioned in several of the posts that I have read. My question is what does clean up consist of? I am a little apprehensive and would just like to be prepared. Thank you.
  • cetcet
    Posts: 32

    Are you new to anal play?

    I'm guessing you may be, concerning your question with clean-up, so first of all, be sure to take it REALLY slowly with the progasm.

    As to clean-up, it depends on the individual and initial prep, but don't think you're in for a really "messy" situation.

    It's always good to be prepared for accidents, however, with proper initial prep, things should go swimmingly.

    There's probably a thread on initial prep by B.F. Mayfield out there, but suffice it to say, it's BEST if you've emptied your bowels earlier, and if possible, you can clean things up a bit down there with a good shower.

    If you have a shower that can give you a strong water stream, it can be use to force a bit of water in for a very mild enema-like cleaning without your having to commit to something like a disposable fleet enema or bag.

    Remember, it's not a necessity, but the cleaner things are to begin with, the cleaner you'll feel during and afterwards.

    As far as afterwards clean-up, the Aneros generally comes out "clean" ... meaning you're typically not going to remove it and be looking at something you would have preferred to leave in the toilet.

    It's a big worry that many newbies have, and while you may see some traces of fecal matter, it's not going to be anything like you might imagine in your worst nightmares.

    Also, it is wise to have a towel in place, perhaps some toilet tissue, wet-ones, etc. nearby in the unlikely event that you have a reaction to your lube that causes you to have some level of bowel movement during your session.

    Again, this is rare, and as B.F. Mayfield has pointed out in previous posts, can often be linked to certain chemicals in certain lubes.

    If you are a newbie, you'll want to see how your body reacts to different lubes, and get to know your body's signals as to what it is preparing to do.

    Final thoughts on clean-up are to have some anti-bacterial soap on hand to thoroughly clean the aneros, your lubricant syringe, and of course your hands after all's done.

    Better to be over-prepared, but again, it's nothing to fear, and really no big deal after your first session.

    Good Luck and Good Vibrations!