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Sharing my 3 times a week ritual
  • zebulonzebulon
    Posts: 2
    It has been about two months that I’ve got the Helix and I really enjoy it. I have a 2 hours session 3 times a week after work and I can’t wait to the next session every time, it’s really exciting.
    My ritual is quite simple. A completely quiet room ,lights down, I rub the Helix with lots of Vaseline and I pull down my jeans and underwear to my knees, unbutton my shirt and wear a cock ring to activate the blood flow in my cock. I lay on my back, ass face to the wall, about 6 inches from it, knees on my stomach and feet on the wall. I slide the Helix in my rectum and when it’s all set I remove it and fill my ass with the overflowing Vaseline, I do this 2 or 3 times until the Vaseline is all in my rectum.
    The clue here it that the rectum must be really filled with lub unless the Helix won’t work as well as it supposed to do.

    When I’m all set, I relax my rectum for about 5 minutes and then I start to contract it against the Helix softly at the beginning. I feel a urge like if I need to shit or fark at the beginning but it rapidly changes as a great sensation, my inner thighs and butt begin the have Goose bumps, my cock begins to be hard and I feel precum leaking on my thighs. When the feeling is starting to leave, I contract my rectum a little more harder and I breathe like a woman in labour, the faster I breathe the highest is the feeling in my ass. I continue the squeezing until the sensation in my ass is insupportable, but I don’t release the tension because the climax is almost there. At this point I start to feel my rectum having self-contractions, it’s really hard to keep it contracted but it’s extremely pleasant at the same time. I start to rub my cock head gently with the pre-cum, my ass is sucking the Helix really badly and in a few moment I ejaculate, my ass pumping the Helix faster and harder, leaving a powerful cum all over my chest and something even reaching my open mouth.
    This device is extremely sensational and I recommend it to every man in the world. Drop a line or e-mail me about your experiences, i'll be glad to read you.