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Findings from a noob...
  • Hi all...

    I've my Helix for about 2 weeks now.... Nothing interesting as of yet... But, being this is the first time I ever had anything in my back door, I'm not expecting anything soon.. (although, sooner would be better... lol)

    Anyhoo, here is a tidbit I found: lube is important!! (yeah yeah, I know... you can tell I'm a noob eh? :p)

    The lube I was using was not really meant for anal play. It was much too runny. I got stuff that is supposed to be aimed for anal play (much thicker stuff) and there indeed was a difference like night and day. I never understood what people here were going on about when they mension that the aneros "jumps about like it has a mind of it's own". Mine never did. It just stayed there, moving with my bum. With this new lube, I could reall feel it move about inside me. It didn't get an ogasm everyone is raving about, but it was an interesting sensation. (again, I never had anything in my butt before... ) So, there you have it; lube is important!!

    Now, on to some questions.

    I'm trying to find the best position to use my aneros. I often use it lying on my back, but, from what I read here, it's important to allow the device some mobility. So, lying on my back seems counter productive. On my side, I really don't feel anything happening. I get the most feedback when I am lying face down. This way, I guess it's because my penis is being pressed in, I get some very strong feed back. The first time I used it this way, it made be really emotional for some reason. (I almost cried... have no idea why... ) The down side to this is that it make me ejaculate. Last week, I spent most of my time on my back doing that splicher exercise thingy (for about an hour), then I turned over facing down. When my weight came on my penis, I almost immediately ejaculated. So, being face down is bad too.

    So, on my back limits the aneros' mobility, on my side, I can't feel much and with my face down I ejaculate prematurly. This leaves me without much choice.... Any suggestions? :)

    Another thing is, I'm trying to understant the sensation i am looking for. Is it like when you're about to ejaculate but dont? The device seems like it was designed to stop (or impede) ejaculation, so Im wondering if it would feel like ejaculating while holding my penis to prevent it?

    Thanks in advance!
  • TripperTripper
    Posts: 250

    I'd say with your emotion, premature ejaculation, and are actually a good candidate for Aneros success.

    There was an old thread about using an Ottoman. Go with your emotional face down position but use a stool or ottoman between you and the bed or sofa. Let your third leg hang unobtrusively down between the bed and ottoman.

    Good luck on your path and please keep us posted on your progress.

  • Noob,

    Try a pillow or something firm but soft to place under your pelvis when lying supine or prone. My wife and I use the Liberator wedge/ramp combo and the wedge works well for me. So before you go out and purchase try the pillows or roll/fold some towels this will support your pelvis in both positions and keep the aneros very mobile.

  • BusterBuster
    Posts: 953
    Hi Noob,


    Your comment "from what I read here, it's important to allow the device some mobility" made me laugh. I just covered what I thought of that in my respose to oyama about 3 minutes ago.

    I think it is good that your emotions are running high. It only means that you are getting somewhere. I think that alot of what we do to promote a Super O is to let go. Next time it happens, let 'er rip! You probably have some kleenex nearby anyway. I have read other earlier posts where some guys were talking about being in tears during their sessions. Nothing to be ashamed about. It is an intense thing to go through. You are on your way.

    My favorite position is laying on my stomach. I have never had an issue with ejaculation in that position because I am so seldon with an erection during my sessions. I think what Tripper said about an ottoman is a good suggestion. I believe it was Nood that had a good post (maybe in his blog) about his success using an ottoman. That would certainly allow you to lay on your stomach and not worry about the friction with your penis.

    I hope that some of these suggestions might help you.

  • Hey!!!

    Thank you for all your support and help! Everyone here are so nice... :D

    Nothing new on the aneros front here (I have a lot of work due until the weekend), but I came across an interesting tidbit about me getting all emotional during a prostate massage session. Check it out!

    In particular, check out the fifth paragraph. In short, g spot massage can lead to emotional responces and sometime awakening deep memories for women. I have actually noticed this from my girl friend, come to think of it... but it was surprising for me have a similar responce... Although, it did not bring back any memories for me..

    Anyhoo, I thought it was an interesting fact...