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This is THE MOST awesome product for men!
  • I have owned both my aneros helix and maximus now for about 3 weeks
    and I have to say......damn! I have had some sweet multiples! It
    may have been a stupid idea, but I ended up having a "session" at
    night and woke up this morning with one still in place. I can only imagine
    what I experienced in my sleep. I feel so "charged" today and I love
    the feeling that lingers in my anus and penis. Being "aware" while
    practicing last night and what I feel this morning is awesome. My body
    just feels amazing! The energy, the sexual feeling and the desire to
    want more is all there. ANEROS IS THE ONLY PRODUCT TO OWN! I also learned
    that breathing and exercising the PC muscle is very important to experience
    the mind blowing non-ejaculatory orgasms I have experienced!