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Just trying out my helix
  • I bought my Helix today, I was so excited to try it out. I followed all the instructions and advice that I found here, butt am disapointed as nothing happened. I've heard that it can be difficult for first timers. Anyone have any advice? Thanks
  • I can not stress enough to read the posts by B. Mayfield. I really think new users expect a high degree of success right out of the box and when it does not happen quickly they get very discouraged. Take your time enjoy the sensations the aneros produces even if the sensations are very subtle. Make sure you are rested, mentally aroused and follow the instructions. After you have practiced contracting and relaxing your sphincter contract and hold at about 25% of your maximum contraction. As you hold this contraction be sure not to hold your breath and pay close attention to the stimulator this is the best way I know to feel involuntary contractions produced by your sphincter. This in turn will stimulate your prostate and start to feedback on itself. Then the journey gets very interesting. You will have times when you feel very close to something new and exciting and the sensations will subside. Without any explanation as to why. With continued use you find yourself on the otherside in orgasmic bliss. Do not give up to quickly.