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aneroos pre cum
  • ibaxibax
    Posts: 1
    if i,m getting pre cum tingling in the balls shaking and feelings that im coming am i on the right path please somebody say yes totally new
  • ibax,

    It sounds as if you are on your way. Pay close attention to the different movements and contractions the aneros models provide. Relax and start each session sexually aroused but avoid any penile stimulation until you are finished with obtaining the Super-O. Trust me it is a very real but sometimes elusive event for the new user. Penis stimulation distracts from your bodies true orgasmic potential. But it is nice to end with an orgasm. Read, read, read the keys to the backdoor that B. Mayfield has posted. Have fun and do not get discouraged the aneros are are designed for your pleasure if you have a Super-O or not.